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Review of The Taco Bar

Boring, bland food for boring, bland people. I honestly don't get the appeal for The Taco Bar.

We ordered a trio of deep fried avocado tacos, guacamole and fundito.

The fried avocado tacos were ok, but bland -- no salt, no pepper, no spice, no onions, no garlic. The flour tortilla it comes on is a store-bought farce.

The guacamole was ok, but bland -- no salt, no pepper, no spice, no onions, no garlic.

The fundito was a crime. What was supposed to be a Mexican fondue bowl with chorizo tasted more like a bowl of floury water with a dollop of canned cheese squirted in and stirred around. Boring, bland, flavorless, inedible.

The house made corn chips were excellent, but the runny, boring, flavorless "salsa" that comes with it tastes like tinny tomato water. No salt, no pepper, no spice. What gives?

For all those boring, bland foreigners who don't eat Chinese food or spicy food and have heard of Mexican food, this place is for you.

Two stars for otherwise unoffensive service.

Was the food bland though, wjh? Or boring? How about flavorless? You didn't make that clear, you should repeat that point a few dozen more times. Just to be safe. 

Actually I really like QMex Suspicious Minds. I could see them both appealing to different crowds though, becuase QMex is so different from Taco Bar, despite them both serving Mexican food (Mexican food is of course really diverse and I don't know as much about it as I should, I'm no expert).

For me, QMex is a solid spot for boritos, playing pool, watching a basketball game with friends, etc. And I like Taco bar for its tacos, its patio and its (really underated) cocktails.

What happened at QMex to make you dislike it so much?

Since it re-invented itself, Q mex is just a sports bar with very average bar food. The focus on mexican food, has drastically changed to average tex-mex bar food. For example. their pork burrito used to be very decent, know it's just meh.

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