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Review of Lush

Living on the "upper west side" of Beijing, my favorite place for events is Lush. With pub quiz every Wednesday, open mic every Thursday, and live music on the weekends, there is always something to do. I'm always impressed by the food - everything on the menu is made with awesome quality, and the bar only serves REAL LIQUOR.... need I say more? The southwestern eggrolls are my favorite, plus the California wrap is to die for. It's comforting to know that Pyro pizza (just around the corner, by the way) is the same company, and has the same policies about real alcohol. They also have great events like beer pong and karaoke, but you have to show up early to sign up. I couldn't be happier living in the area with this family so close-by!

The burgers at Lush are pretty good. But the beer is too expensive and the service is slow. As for Pyro Pizza, I've never actually been able to enjoy it hot and fresh. Both times I have ordered it delivered I've had to reheat it in the microwave. One time it took nearly two hours to arrive. Yikes. There is a new outfit in Haidian called Pizza Now that has great pizza and has always arrived in under 30 minutes.

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