Indeed an overpriced mediocre tailor.

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Review of Senli and Frye

Two take-aways after my experience with Senli:

1. Frye is gone, so no more marketing propoganda online for the past few years. Senli does that by talking customers into his skill, how he does everything himself, and how he beats other Beijing tailors. This turns out to be false.

The coat does NOT even have felt melton underthe collar. WTF????!!!! And he claims that this is how the best suit on Savile Row is made, without melton under the collar but self-material... I can't believe it.

2. Senli does not tailor make the suit. He has a factory as he admits. He sits around in the store every day. When would he make the bespoke suits?

The suit fits well though, but the inner linings are made of cheap material. Overpriced, period.

Conclusion: don't go!!

I went there because of the good comments here and elsewehere. They seemed to be posted by Frye and his friends. Look at all the scam reports online. I should have noticed them earlier.

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