Cheap meat and ingredients, horrible service and staff

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Getting a stomachache after eating their burger is not the worst part, The service was horrible there, The staff argued with westerners who sat across of me and it seems like regardless that they try to provide chinese/"american" food they have staff that don't speak English and treat westerners like shit. Read other Reviews and this one and be warned! Boycott this place guys!

After reading "the other reviews" the only conclusion that I have reached is that the same person (you) wrote all of the past three negative reviews of Lily's. Look, Lily's is a bit on the bland side for my tastes food wise, and their beer selection leaves quite a bit to be desired, but there is nothing to jusify all of these negative reviews that you are obveously spamming. I hope The Beijinger takes notice and deletes them.

??? This is the first review I write on the Beijinger ever, aside from replying to a previous review. And I have been a member since 2015! So if I write a review after 2 years then it most likely to be legit. Lillies food is horrible and the staff is careless,period.

That's tricky, Spencer. I see what you're saying, it does look a bit suspicious. But I'm not sure how to prove someone is spamming or unscrupulously trying to ruin a restaurant's name in cases like these. To me, it's better to let a restaurant's fans come out and defend it with their own reviews, rather than delete or censor commentors, because maybe the restaurant is going downhill.

For what's it worth, proteacher, I stopped by Lily's Sanlitun location on Friday for a coffee and to quickly use the wifi. I didn't order any food, so I can't speak to that, but the staff were friendly and attentive. I placed my order in Chinese and they answered me in English. Have you been having these issues at the Sanlitun location or the Shuangjing one? And what places around town do you prefer to go to for Western grub?

Funny.....I've eaten at Lily's restaurants several times(both locations) and I've never experienced the type of service that you are describing. I've always left the place with a smile on my face and I've never gotten sick. So, I suggest you give them a second chance.

I would suggest that "proteacher" is either a competitor, disgruntled ex-employee or just a bored customer who may have had a bad interaction with one of their staff, so has decided to completely sabotage the place with all these horrible reviews. In my experience, Lily's is always friendly, and serves good value, ok tasting, filling food

If they have to delete all the fake reviews and why not all the soft adv articles then you will figure out that almost nothing is left.

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