Tom Yuen destroyed my hair

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I went to Tom Yuen new salon, named Hair Attack, for a coloration and he simply destroyed my hair. Now it looks dead, it all begin to fall after the first wash and is extremely dry !!! And I paid 1750 Rmb for this disaster... So I DO NOT RECOMMEND this stylist !!!

First, despite the very high price ( 1750 Rmb for the dying, and I have a quite short / middle hair), he didn't do the coloration by himself. He assisted two persons who didn't seem professional at all, looked actually like it was their first time..I should have runed at this time!

Anyway the color was too clear comparing to what I asked in the beginning so he had to put another coloration to achieve the final result...But none of this would have been a problem if he didn't destroy my hair......:s

i contacted him later to tell him that after the first wash, I noticed that my hair completely changed, extremely dry and start falling. He suggested me to go back to his salon so "he can explain to me why" but never suggested to do any treatment to try to repair it or whatever...So I never went back and I am actually trying to save my hair with the maximum of oils and natural treatments...

i completely regreted going there. Expensive and non professional at all.

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