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Cost of Marrying One of China's Outnumbered Women Continues to Skyrocket
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Spring Arrives Early in Beijing with Peach Blossom Subway Advertisement
While the West prefers to follow the authority of a burrowing rodent, China has its own
UK Tourism Ambassador Called "Foreign Male Scum" in Warning to All Chinese Women
A UK man who has devoted his life towards learning Chinese language and culture has been repaid for his efforts by having his face used to represe
Chinese Pop Culture Primer: Who Are the TFBoys, China's Most Popular "Fresh Meat"?
Last week's big hubbub is China's entertainment circles was getting a sneak peek at tomorrow's celebrities auditioning for the...
Move Over, Ofo and Mobike: Rent an Electric Car for Just 1RMB Per Hour
Beijing's sharing economy has taken a huge step forward with the recent announcement that some...
Valentine's Day Wrap Up: Smog, Fake Blue Roses, and Girlfriend Revenge
Got your chocolate and champagne?
Japanese Pulp Thrillers Top List of Peking University's Most Popular Books
A statistical analysis by Peking University Library shows that when its student body isn't reading course-assigned books about economics and polit
Seven-Year Itch with Chinese Characteristics: Average Failed Beijing Marriage Lasts Just Five Years
Popularized by a 1955 Marilyn Monroe movie, the "seven-year itch" is a colloquial way of
38,000 Photogenic Applicants Line Up to Vie for Beijing Film Academy's 499 Spots
Despite a rate of admission of just 1.3 percent, tens of thousands of hopeful applicants nevertheless lined up in droves this wee