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How Beijing Startup Ofo is Bringing China's Latest Export to the Rest of the World
This post comes courtesy of our content partners at TechNode.
A Drink With: Amy Daml Founding Member and Contributor to China Art Aggregator Website Loreli
We recently caught up with Amy Daml, co-creator of the art aggregator website Loreli (WeChat ID: loreli
Foreigner Details Attack Outside of Beijing Bar
[UPDATED Mar 17, 1.45pm] The victim involved in the attack has contacted the Beijinger directly and would like it to
Another Brick in the Wall: Chatter About More and More Business Killing Barriers Intensifies
Speculation is running rampant after it became known earlier this week that a wall...
How To Find Internships and Volunteer Work in Beijing
An internship or shíxí (实习) is an effective way to decorate your CV and build a career, but for foreigners finding an internship in Beiji
R New Cat-Kind Animal Shelter Looking for Funding to Set Up to Help Beijing's Strays
Ripley, the co-founder of Cat-Kind, is on the hunt to give Beijing cats in need a second chance.
DP How to Use the Newly Bilingual Alipay as a Laowai
In 2015 we wrote a guide to setting up Alipay's
DP China's Changing Businesss Scene: Beijing Entrepreneurs Talk Rolling With the Punches
Sponsored by EO Sanlitun
Plenty of entrepreneurs come to Beijing with pipe dreams about making it big in China, thanks to outdated assumptions about the country, such as a
DP A Scotsman’s Hutong Haven: Exploring Beijing’s Alleys with Old China Hand Bruce Connolly
It doesn’t take long for a conversation with Bruce Connolly to veer into a maze of tangents, akin to walking a winding route through the hutongs h
R Old China Hand: Talking with Expat Troubadour Mark Levine Ahead of His April 8 Performance at The Bookworm
Mark Levine has played at massive festivals for audiences of thousands, shot music videos atop the Great Wall, as well as received the Friendship
Don't Feel Like You Belong in Beijing? You're Not Alone
Do you sometimes feel like you don't belong in Beijing?
Jane Su: Wisconsin Native Discusses What Moving to China in 1957 Was Like
Jane Su, a Wisconsin-native, made the move to China long before it was cool.
DP The Heartwarming Story of a 72-Year-Old Transgender Beijinger
After decades of dreaming about it, Xin Yue has finally transitioned into womanhood.