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R2 Is Your Rice Cooker Poisoning You?
Food safety concerns in China are nothing new.
Are “Vertical Forests” the Solution to Beijing's Pollution?
Beijing authorities’ previous attempts to control the pollution problem have focused on reducing emissions from factories and power plants.
R Smog Makes 70% of China Unhappy (The Other 30% Probably Own Coal Mines)
Seven out of 10 China residents are unhappy about smog and 71 percent claim to wear masks on smoggy days, a recent survey detailed in the...
Olympics Brings Business Boon to Chongli, But Housing and Environmental Calamities Loom
The days of Chongli being a sleepy rural Hebei district are quickly coming to an end, and the area becomes a focal point for both good and bad new
DP Cut a Rug, Hack a Lung: Why Beijing's Pollution Might Make Dancing Dangerous
Many Beijing pollution fighters have already read the article that ran in the...
Ningbo-Based Project Maps LGBT+ Safe Spaces, Beijing Boasts 16 Spots So Far
A Shanghai-based project, Tata, is aiming to provide more information for the LGBT+ community with regards to safe spaces throughout the country.
 Beijing Aims to Smash its 2013 Targets by Reducing Coal Burning by 30 Percent this Year
Beijing mayor Cai Qi has announced government plans to further reduce coal burning within the municipality by 30 percent this year.
China Ponders Smog Subsidy for Outside Workers
A recent debate on providing public works employees extra pay for working in polluted air has got us thinking: How hard can it be to supply these
Using TCM to Cure Chronic Disease, Beijing Community Hospitals in Seven Districts to Use TCM As Preventive Treatment of Disease
While the argument over whether or not...
Drop it Like a Squat: Exploring Beijing’s Best New Fitness Studios
If you’ve ever bought a gym membership only to find 12 months have passed and you can’t remember the last time you actually went, then Beijing’s n
China Gripped in Fear Over Latest Radiation Food Scare
Ever since the Fukushima nuclear disaster happened in 2011, Chinese consumers have been worried over the threat of irradiated food imported from J
DP What to Order and From Where When the AQI is High
You know the drill by now: the AQI is pushing 300 for the fifth day in a row and you're starting to just feel generally gross.
Beijing's January Air Quality Plummets 52% Over the Start of Last Year
Now that January 2017 is in the bag, how’d we do on air quality? Not good.