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Wikipedia Calls Acupuncture "Pseudoscience"
News of an ongoing controversy over Wikipedia's classification of acupuncture as a "pseudoscience" has finally been made it to China, prompting ma
Beijing Born Scientist Turns Key Tofu (豆腐) ingredient Into a Superior, Smog Busting Air Filter
Beijingers are used to seeing soy used to produce all manner of foodstuffs – tofu, soy milk, edamame, protein supplements, soy sauce ...
Cool Things Beijing Scientists are Working on While You’re Asleep
Beijing’s scientists are pretty cool.
What To See: China Science and Technology Museum
Enormous not only in size, but also in educational fun, the China Science and Technology Museum 中国科技馆 will satisfy the thinker in
Beijing Scientists Emerge from 105 Days in Biodome
Chinese news is abuzz today about the three Beijing volunteers who...
Classified of the Week: All That Glitters
Every day The Beijinger gets a swarm of interesting, appropriate (and not-so-appropriate), and sometimes just downright weird ...
China's Knowledge Economy: Science Communicator Ben Bravery
Everybody knows that science is critical to modern life, but to many of us it can be quite daunting, with all of its jargon, formulas, and worst of...
Check Out Your Brain
Language barriers and cultural differences are a way of life in Beijing. Ask for pork without bones in the US and you get meaty tenderloin, do the...