Peking Duck, Private Kitchen 果果私房烤鸭


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Cozy CBD restaurant decked out with multicolored Chinese kites and birdcage-fitted lanterns. A window onto an open kitchen invites you to spy on head chef Zhang Lujun and his team as they prepare the Chinese capital’s most famous dish and other fowl-centric delicacies, as well as classics like gongbao jiding and tangsu liji (sweet and sour pork). Prices are reasonable. A whole duck costs RMB 99 while most other selections (including the fusion duck cheese rolls) range between RMB 25-50. Set meals start at RMB 168.


Vantone Center, 6A Chaoyangmenwai Dajie, Chaoyang District
Chaoyang District
50-80 per person
Daily 11am-2pm, 6pm-9.30pm
5907 1920
All chinese and foreign credit cards


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User reviews of Peking Duck, Private Kitchen 果果私房烤鸭

Favorite Duck Ruined

Joined: May 24, 2010
Posts: 1

This had been my favorite place for Peking Duck but now it is completely ruined for me. I have been going there since they opened but an experience on our last trip was so disgusting I will never return. They have an open kitchen and we saw the owner/head chef walking around the kitchen while smoking a cigarette and another chef took off his shirt and walked around for about a minute before putting it back on. I know it's China and I would not mind this behavior at a small, local restaurant but if you are paying that much for a nice dining experience it is completely unacceptable.

Perfect duck, good sides, ridiculous (in a good way) prices

Joined: Sep 03, 2012
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I've now eaten at three Beijing duck restaurants, DaDong, Duck de Chine, and Peking Duck Private Kitchen. Of these three, Peking Duck Private Kitchen is the only one where I want to return with company. Here's a brief explanation of why:
1) This goes without saying, but the duck is perfect. Beautifully roasted, perfectly crisped skin, beautifully plated with the traditional condiments (including sugar for the skin!). Looks fantastic, tastes fantastic, is fantastic. The separately plated skin was heavenly.
2) Staff are very accommodating. Service is brusque, but eager to please. The effort was quite remarkable, especially considering only one person spoke English.
3) The space is gorgeous. Small, intimate restaurant with couch seating, red lanterns and lights, etc. Really beautiful and intimate feel, it's a great retreat from the steel and glass of the CBD.
4) Prices are incredibly reasonable. A duck is 140 kuai, a full 100 less than DaDong or Duck de Chine. Sides start at 28 kuai and cap at 140. Also, there are set menus (all of which include a duck and duck soup) that cost about 100 kuai a person for five to nine dishes (depending on the size of the party).

I've deducted one star because one of the side dishes, a hairtail fish, was absolutely terrible. The only word to describe it is mealy. Almost no one touched it after the first few bites. The other sides were all quite good--not quite as good as Duck de Chine, but also not nearly as expensive.

Overall, a wonderful experience. I hope I have the chance to return soon.

A Nice Choice for Duck

Joined: Aug 14, 2010
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When going for duck you either have expensive ducks in high end restaurants or the more economical ducks in places like Guolin that lack the atmosphere. Private Kitchen has great ducks and great dishes to go along with them but also has a nice intimate atmosphere and very competitive prices. The service was good and created for an all around good experience.

We will definitely come back the next time we are looking to have duck for 2.

Best Around

Joined: Sep 06, 2009
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I took my in-laws here, and they hands down said it was the best meal they have had in Beijing (we have been to Baoyuan Jiaozi Wu for dumplings, Va Va Voom, Wu Li Xiang, and Drum and Gong Fusion). We ordered half the roast duck, the Goose liver tofu, the fried rice with beef and cabbage, the scaled Chinese vegetables, and the dessert of candied yam. The duck was beautiful and the goose tofu was simply put, out of this world. An imaginative yet authentic dish that brought foods in sync you never thought could go together. The fried rice was lovely though a tad soggy, and the vegetables were perfectly prepared but should have come with a variety of vegetables and greater quantity. The dessert which had no English translation on the menu was a brilliant surprise of roasted yam coated in candied sugar. It was indescribably fantastic, enticingly sweet, sticky and gooey. The atmosphere is subdued and relaxing, and with most dishes at only 28kwai, it is upper crust Chinese cuisine at local prices. Peking Duck Private Kitchen is the best duck in town and one of the best for creative and contemporary yet authentically Chinese.