So, they can't just pick these bikes up and ship them to a more spread out location?

Harper is finishing up his China tour and will make one last Beijing stop before heading home. So if you missed his DDC gig, check him out at Temple on April 2. More info below.

Also, don't put ketchup on it. It won't make American great again.


By the way, here's a helpful doneness guide for your next Little Boat visit:

Frost management has since confirmed with us that they will not be closing down. Hurray!

the Beijinger

Very interesting!!

No, unfortunately Sweet Tooth is closed Sad the opposite of open.

the Beijinger

Can you define what you mean by "open"?

1) Korea is wonderful. 2) This anti-Chinese marketing campaign is childish, stupid and racist.

is this place still open?

Or you'd like to eat at some place less prettier?

how can i find your contacts?

Great Article. As a vegetarian living in Beijing for 4 years I can agree that ordering food is one of the most frequent issues I struggle with. But luckily there are still many vegetarian options in restaurants. I totally recommend as well to buy vegetarian meat online. (The most famous buying site you know yourself) just type in 素肉sù ròu and you'll find plenty of options. Cheers!

Jack Smith wrote:

It's an Art Cum restaurant, think I'll pass on the food then :0

Very mature!

the Beijinger

It's an Art Cum restaurant, think I'll pass on the food then :0

Chinese and bakery?Chinese never have bakery culture like us westerners.

Sorry - it doesn't look like there is anything temporary about the closure of the market or shops in the surrounding area, including Lady's Street.

Metal connoisseur Steven Schwankert wrote:

Signs indicate that the performance at the MasterCard Center's Huiyuan Space may have been shortened or stopped by officials. For example, one well-known Megadeth track, "Skin of My Teeth," was played instrumental instead of with its usual lyrics.

For a band with a 30-year career, there seemed to be an inordinate number of instrumentals and extended guitar solos. The group also did not play several of their best-known songs, including "Holy Wars/The Punishment Due" and "Angry Again."

Megadeth founder and lead singer Dave Mustaine's comments at the end of the show may have indicated some kind of official action to stop. "Thank you for leaving so that we can come back and play again," he said from the stage as the band waved  to the crowd after performing "Peace Sells...But Who's Buying?"

The most subversive thing Megadeth will this time around is to use Trad Chinese to promote a Beijing show -- one for a "Return of the King“ tour.

It's a thing.

It works well on mine too. I just stay with Astrill because it is very easy to set-up on phones.

The government is working on the problem as far as I observed as a participant in the air cleaning business. Just it takes time to see results. In the mean time, protect yourselves with better gear, staying indoor more often as at least that built environment is more manageable.