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Using TCM to Cure Chronic Disease, Beijing Community Hospitals in Seven Districts to Use TCM As Preventive Treatment of Disease
While the argument over whether or not...
Wikipedia Calls Acupuncture "Pseudoscience"
News of an ongoing controversy over Wikipedia's classification of acupuncture as a "pseudoscience" has finally been made it to China, prompting ma
That Cup ot TCM Tea Ain't Gonna Help You Combat Smog, Says Chinese Medicine Expert
A leading expert in Chinese traditional medicine (TCM) says "anti-smog teas" are n
TCM Food Remedies: Learning the Benefits of Eating White Foods in Autumn
The color of food serves as a great complement in culinary art, but in traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), it can also act as a guide to eat accor
Cool Down: Food Tips to Beat the Heat
The Lighter Side of China: The Magic of Medicine
  Every culture has its way of dealing with the common cold. Some turn to salt, baking soda and warm water. Others swear by chicken soup. But the...
News You Might Have Missed: Duped by the Dry Cleaners, Adopt a Pet and Bear Bile Blues
  Beijing always seems to keep us on our toes, one way or another. This week we question how clean our dry-cleaned clothes are, wonder why we would...
Meridian Matters: Traditional Chinese Medicine with Ji Xiaoping
After struggling often with illness as a child and being saved by Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments many times, Ji...