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Noise Pollution:
Grab some zongzi, work that upper body, and drown some poet in the river – just your usual Dragon Boat Festival holiday.
R Grammy Winning, Hip-Hop Inspired Pianist Robert Glasper to play Blue Note, June 1
Kanye West, Q-Tip, Mos Def, Erykah Badu, Norah Jones, and Snoop Dogg all love him, so why have you been missing out?
Prodigious Toronto Producer Harrison to Tempt Dancefloor Diehards at ModernSky Lab, May 29
He's been called "Wise beyond his years" for fusing "juicy, bubbly synths with dusty bass and lush melodies that warm the spirit." And he's done i
R More Than “Just a Bunch of Goths”; Q&A with Cold Cave Ahead of their May 21 Wetware Gig
Clad entirely in black leather and denim, coated in tattoos, and maintaining intense eye contact throughout our interview,...
Interview With Gaz Williams, Founder of Now Defunct Shelter, Curator for Douban Wetware Festival Lineup
Gaz Williams has been at the forefront of the Shanghai’s rising electronic scene for well over a decade – cutting his teeth as a promoter in his e
Metal Band Megadeth Returns to Beijing, Finally Allowed to Play a Full Concert
American thrash metal band Megadeth returned to Beijing last night, 17 months after their concert at Wukesong Arena was cut short after only eight
R Karaoke Saturday: Getting Down and Gritty with Dick Cowboy and "Wind-Blown Sand"
Welcome to Karaoke Saturdays, a regular feature on the Bei
DP Salsa Extravaganza! Pachakutiq Puts on Fantastic Latin Dance Parties Every Friday with Seasoned Salsa Singer Gilberto Romero
For many Beijingers – be them local or foreign – salsa dancing can be a great and novel way to pass the days' more romantic hours.
Live Beijing Music’s Top 10 China-Based Acts Playing at Wetware 
The Wetware Douban Music Festival will be (fingers crossed) unfolding later this week and it really is a thing of beauty.
R Cut a Rug, Take a Magic Carpet Ride with Acid Arab's Middle Eastern Inflected Techno at Dada, May 12
Even if you can't imagine dancing to traditional Middle Eastern and North African rhythms, Acid Arab will make you wriggle and writhe like a charm
R Stevie Mac and the Mac Daddies Set to Debut New Original Tunes at Temple, May 13
Since forming two years ago Stevie Mac and The Mac Daddies have kept us covered in every sense of the word, not only playing a multitude of gigs a
Psych Rock Extended Family: Interview with Gate to Otherside Ahead of Their May 13 School Bar LP Release
Most bands write love songs, but few live out romantic fairytales quite like Gate to Otherside.