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R Smog Makes 70% of China Unhappy (The Other 30% Probably Own Coal Mines)
Seven out of 10 China residents are unhappy about smog and 71 percent claim to wear masks on smoggy days, a recent survey detailed in the...
Olympics Brings Business Boon to Chongli, But Housing and Environmental Calamities Loom
The days of Chongli being a sleepy rural Hebei district are quickly coming to an end, and the area becomes a focal point for both good and bad new
Spring Arrives Early in Beijing with Peach Blossom Subway Advertisement
While the West prefers to follow the authority of a burrowing rodent, China has its own
Meituan Adds Ride-Hailing Feature to Take on Didi
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Move Over, Ofo and Mobike: Rent an Electric Car for Just 1RMB Per Hour
Beijing's sharing economy has taken a huge step forward with the recent announcement that some...
 Beijing Aims to Smash its 2013 Targets by Reducing Coal Burning by 30 Percent this Year
Beijing mayor Cai Qi has announced government plans to further reduce coal burning within the municipality by 30 percent this year.
Rat Out Your Neighbors and Make Sweet Money With This New Chaoyang Masses App
You might remember one enterprising Chinese citizen who earned a reward of
Japanese Pulp Thrillers Top List of Peking University's Most Popular Books
A statistical analysis by Peking University Library shows that when its student body isn't reading course-assigned books about economics and polit
Seven-Year Itch with Chinese Characteristics: Average Failed Beijing Marriage Lasts Just Five Years
Popularized by a 1955 Marilyn Monroe movie, the "seven-year itch" is a colloquial way of
New WeChat Feature Shows That Starbucks is No Longer a Foreign Brand
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R Fast Food Watch: Yoshinoya Tries to Tempt Early Risers With French Toast Options
It looks like Yoshinoya is trying to make us forget all about the Egg McMuffin or our favori
38,000 Photogenic Applicants Line Up to Vie for Beijing Film Academy's 499 Spots
Despite a rate of admission of just 1.3 percent, tens of thousands of hopeful applicants nevertheless lined up in droves this wee
Buffets Charging Deposits to Prevent Food Waste Pissed off Food Hoarders
Attention all buffet food hoarders (you know who you are), buffets across Beijing may soon add a RMB 100 deposit to your bill so as to prevent foo