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Prodigious Toronto Producer Harrison to Tempt Dancefloor Diehards at ModernSky Lab, May 29
He's been called "Wise beyond his years" for fusing "juicy, bubbly synths with dusty bass and lush melodies that warm the spirit." And he's done i
Beijing’s First Official Lego Store Opens at Chaoyang Joy City
Here at the Beijinger (and our sister site beijngkids) we’ve never been afraid to tackle t
Mysterious Fire Burns Briefly on Guijie
Earlier today, crowds gathered on Guijie as a massive plume of smoke erupted from the roof of one of the Zai Zai Crayfish (仔仔小龙虾) restaurants, cre
White Lines, Don't Do It: Public Angry at Tiny Parking Spaces Designated for Share Bikes
Beijing proposals to control the nuisance of its out-of-control bike-sharing economy have hit a snag as city residents react...
Smoking Banned from All Beijing Taxis
Beijing's anti-smoking campaign continues to get stricter as a city-wide ba
R Manufactured Nostalgia Responsible for This Summer's Most-Hyped Trend: Dailin Ice Cream
A savvy marketing campaign has been able to hype a product by convincing nostalgic Beijing consumers that they yearn for something that had never
R Three-Day High Temperature Warning To Last Until Friday
Summer has once again arrived in Beijing with a resounding impact as a three-day high temperature yellow alert has been issued for the city.
Malfunctioning Ride Strands Happy Valley Park Visitors in Mid-Air
Mother's Day festivities were unceremoniously halted this past Sunday afternoon whe
Here's What We Know About How WannaCry Ransomware Has Affected China
This post comes courtesy of our content partners at TechNode.
Beijing Becomes "Ghost Town" to Host Belt and Road Summit
Beijing commuters had a tough time getting to work on time Monday morning as traffic restrictions made to accommodate the ...
R Sanlitun Street Fashion Photography Trend Exploited by Scammers
Unscrupulous scam artists are capitalizing upon Beijing's rising popularity of amateur fashion photography in order to swindle women with dreams o
Not Familiar With The "Belt and Road"? Here it is Explained Using Propaganda Targeted at Children
To most local residents, next week's Belt and Road Summit means the ...
R Citywide Bar and Restaurant Raids Apparently Set for This Weekend (May 12-13) Ahead of One Belt, One Road Summit
A raid at the popular bar Heaven Supermarket in Sanlitun last night (May 1
‘Drug War’ Producer Liu Wei Arrested for Drugs in Beijing
This post comes courtesy of our content partners at China Film Insider.
Forbidden City Tickets Only to be Sold Online Beginning October
The Forbidden City without massive queues for tickets?