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"My Advice: Walk On Eggshells, and Avoid Trouble Altogether"-A Pair of Deported Foreigners Share Their Story
Many foreigners were spooked by a spate of drug raids that hit several popular
Stat: Last Year Beijing's Average Rent Per Square Meter Was RMB 71.24
Last year’s data from Diyi Caijing puts Beijing’s average rent in the not-so-desirable spotlight as China’s highest.
Apple Pay Launches Its Largest, Weirdest Promotion in China
This post comes courtesy of our content partners at TechNode.
DP "Let's Go, Mantis Shrimp": The Most Trending Chinese Internet Slang of 2017 — Summer Edition
A diet of video games and old movies have influenced the most popular online trends, as seen by a list of the hottest Chinese Internet slang from
Top 5 Chinese Music Apps in 2017
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Let Us Pay: No More Excuses to Remain Without WeChat Wallet or Alipay
All the bank information you type in must be exactly consistent with what was used to open your bank account.
Animals Embarking: Making the Move With Your Beloved Pets
Many expats wouldn’t dream of moving without knowing that their beloved family pet could go with them, but the logistics and paperwork involved in
Law of the (Beijing) Land: Laws, Rights, Scams, and In Case of an Emergency
Thefts can be more common than one would like to think in Beijing. Below are some of the commonly seized items and what to do post-theft.
Safety First: How to Stay Safe on Your Next Beijing Hike
With warmer weather, the temptation grows to escape the heat and smog of downtown Beijing and head for the hills when the skies turn blue.
R Hate Wave: China Daily Reports Temperature So High, An African Man Got a Tan
Compared to everything else in the news, the weather is always more difficult to report because numbers and statistics never convey the human expe
Beat the Heat Essentials to Survive Beijing Summer
Summers in Beijing aren’t easy to deal with thanks to the burning sunshine, steamy-hot temperatures, and that constant fear of getting stuck in a
Make a Splash This Summer Beijing’s Best Swimming Pools to Salvage You from the Heat
The most obvious way to deal with the inevitably steamy, hot Beijing summer is to jump into the water, make a splash, and cool down.
R Will Your VPN Really Be Blocked By February? Numerous China Tech Insiders Call BS On Recent Firewall Reports
When news regarding supposed efforts by Chinese officials to block VPN's entirely by February of next year, many foreigners began frantically shar
DP Cool for the Summer: Foods That Can Lower Your Body Temperature
While we are excited to lap up the sun (especially at our...
R Beijing Things to do on a Rainy Day
It rarely rains in Beijing, but when it rains, it pours.