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R Karaoke Saturdays: Help Out a Stranger with JJ Lin's ”Twilight“
Welcome to Karaoke Saturday, a regular feature on the Beiji
Chinese Pop Culture Primer: What You Need to Know About Luhan, China's Top Androgynous Celebrity Endorser
If you don't know who Lu Han is, you're not alone.
Day at the Museum: Exploring Beijing's Best Collections
Just because you’ve been to one Beijing museum, definitely doesn’t mean you’ve seen them all.
Slow Boats and Caravans: Great Explorers in Chinese History
China was never closed to the world.
Beicology: See Ma Jun, "China's Foremost Environmentalist," at the Embassy of Ireland, April 20
Beicology is a regular column about environmentalism, conservation and
Fangjia to be Bricked Up Later this Week, Jiaodaokou Toutiao Currently Being Bricked Up, Xingfucun Knocked Down
While Fangjia Hutong's bar and restaurant owners expected today to be the day that the red bricks took up unnecessary space blocking their windows
Mandarin Monday: The Easy Way to Learn Chinese Tones
Learning Mandarin is indeed a difficult task for us adults.
Share a Desk Without Coughing Up a Lung: AQI-Inclinced Coworking Spaces on Their Way to Beijing
Two issues dominate Beijing's headlines like no others: the capital's record-breaking pollution levels, and its rapidly rising rental rates.
Q&A with Star Chinese Comedian Joe Wong Ahead of His April 8 Cheers Gulou Gig
Even though Joe Wong has had plenty of success in the notoriously tough American standup scene, when he returned home his wife scoffed at how soft
Mandarin Monday: The Phrases You Need to Order Takeout (Whether You're a Beginner or An Advanced Prankster)
Even though your belly is growling, one glance at the grey skies outside is often enough to make your skin crawl and your eyes weep.
R Secret Meaning of Smiling Emoji Angrily Refuted by Chinese Netizens
An angry backlash has erupted after claims that Chinese Internet users attach secret meanings to emojis in order to disguise their contempt of oth
DP An End to Cycle Clogged Sidewalk? Shared Bicycle Parking Spaces Pop Up In Dongdaqiao
For all you Beijingers who hate the clutter of Mobikes, Ofos, and Bluegogos currently littering the sidewalks, here's some promising news.
R Qingming Festival
It’s that time of the year again!
R Dàshān/大山 Dishes on the Challenges of his New Live Performances Ahead of March 30 Bookworm Appearance and April Australian Gigs
Even though he's performed for TV audiences of 1 billion, Mark Rowswell's first bit of big exposure outside of China's borders left him flustered