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Brush the Dust off of Beijing Museums With These Apps
The last few times I have asked Beijing visitors or newbies about their impression of The Forbidden City, the answers were pretty standard: the fi
Mandarin Monday: Get Well Soon With These Over-the-Counter Chinese Medications
Have you assumed that summer would be all fun and games after a harrowing winter of sniffles, fevers, aches and pains?
Hutong Living: Modern Day Life in an Old School Courtyard
“You realize the romanticism of courtyard living wore off for me in the first 14 years of my life?
Turn the Page: The Bookworm’s Announces the Return of Its Annual Literary Festival, March 8-24
Though Beijing bibliophiles were broken hearted this past fall after The Bookworm announced it would not be holding its annual literary festival i
Is Beijing Really So LGBT Unfriendly? Recent Survey Prompts Soul Searching in the Queer Community, As Media Clampdowns Loom Large
Plenty of soul searching has been prompted in Beijing after the release of a survey called "100 best LGBT cities in the world,” conducted by Germa
20 Years of Hong Kong Cinema Pt. I
This post comes courtesy of our content partners at China Film Insider.
Ready to Rock: China's First World Class Recording Studio Up and Running in Beijing; Draws Cui Jian, Bruce Liang, and Other Stars
While the words “rock” and “pop” might make many of us think of thunderous rhythms and decibel-busting melodies as we crank the volume higher, the
[DP] Mandarin Monday: Dongyuan Uses Cultural Activities to Enhance Chinese Language Skills
China’s rich heritage is clearly embodied in its language.
DP Foreign Automaker Infuriates Chinese Internet by Using an Old Cliche in a Car Advertisement
Chinese media and netizens are outraged at a foreign car manufacturer for using a social trope in one of their advertisements even though the clic
Mandarin Month: König Ludwig Weissbier Beer’s Royal History (and How to Talk About a German Beer in Chinese)
With beer drinkers, the taste and quality of a beer carry significant weight when deciding if you do indeed like a beer or not, and an interesting
Get Ready to Gānbēi! Third Annual World Baijiu Day, Aug 9
The perfect occasion to raise a glass and toast China's most famous spirit is nearly upon us.
Mandarin Month: Your Summer Essentials Chinese Phrases
It’s that time of the year again when we can (almost) stop worrying about smog and start worrying about sweat beads streaming into our eyes and ex
R Vice China Takes On Reddit's China Antagonists, CCJ2
After a bad day in China, expats usually turn to a friend as a way to make meaningful sense of cultural differences.
China's Internet Satirizes Its Pop Idols by Asking: “Do You Freestyle?"
China's frustration with its pop idols has finally boiled over in a meme that exposes these worshiped celebrities as a sham.
Mandarin Month: How to Order a Refreshing, Cold Beer in Chinese (and Other Beer-Related Phrases)
“Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” These wise words were spoken by the esteemed Benjamin Franklin, one of the leaders of