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Cost of Marrying One of China's Outnumbered Women Continues to Skyrocket
Do you fancy marrying a Chinese wife?
DP The Heartwarming Story of a 72-Year-Old Transgender Beijinger
After decades of dreaming about it, Xin Yue has finally transitioned into womanhood.
Chinese Pop Culture Primer: Who Are the TFBoys, China's Most Popular "Fresh Meat"?
Last week's big hubbub is China's entertainment circles was getting a sneak peek at tomorrow's celebrities auditioning for the...
DP Valentine's Mandarin Monday: Five Alternative Ways to Say I Love You in Chinese
Bored with saying the usual 我爱你 (wǒ ài nǐ)? This Valentine's Day, really surprise your lover with these alternative ways of expressing yo
Gilbert Van Kerckhove: The Belgian Engineer Who Played a Key Role in Beijing’s Olympic Dream
As an old China hand, Gilbert Van Kerckhove did more than just witness China’s meteoric economic growth; he in fact played a helping hand in pushi
DP Stanford Students Used 5,000 Year Old Chinese Beer Recipe to Brew, and Straws to Drink
You may remember that we reported on a news story last spring in which a group of archaeologists...
Wikipedia Calls Acupuncture "Pseudoscience"
News of an ongoing controversy over Wikipedia's classification of acupuncture as a "pseudoscience" has finally been made it to China, prompting ma
Even When Not Playing, WeChat Still Wins the 2017 Hongbao Wars
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That Cup ot TCM Tea Ain't Gonna Help You Combat Smog, Says Chinese Medicine Expert
A leading expert in Chinese traditional medicine (TCM) says "anti-smog teas" are n
Why Do We Call it Spring Festival?: The Origins Behind the Name
Has there ever been a blander name for a holiday than “Spring Festival”? What the hell does it even mean? It’s held in the middle of winter.
R Mysterious Cock Is Missing at Daoxiangcun Snack Shopping Flash
Daoxiangcun (稻香村), the local lao Beijing brand known for snacks and cakes which was first established in 1895 announced on...
Throwback Thursday: A New Era For Buying Chinese New Year Fireworks in Beijing
Fireworks usage in Beijing is expected to decline once again this Spring Festival, a trend that shows a radical departure from just nine years ago
A Teacher's Advice to His Students for Staying Safe during Spring Festival
As a teacher at a study abroad program here in Beijing, I feel it's my duty not only to introduce the wonders of Chinese civilization to impressio
Here's What to Expect for this Year's Spring Festival Hongbao Wars
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