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DP A Beijing Expat's Shaolin Kung Fu Odyssey
When most foreigners think about kung fu, the last thing to likely cross their minds would be a petite, glamorous redhead from Azerbaijan.
R OlymPicks: Catch a Glimpse of Olympians and Committee Higher Ups By Volunteering at This Year's Olympic Day (June 18)
OlymPicks is an ongoing blog series whereby we highlight news, gossip,
Tchau, Gonzalez: Beijing Guo'an Fires Coach after Latest Loss
Beijing Guo'an has sacked manager Jose Gonzalez after a middling start to the Chinese Super League (CSL) season. 
R OlymPicks: Asia's Hockey Saga Goes Overtime, While Sneaker Freaks Lace Up Olympic Kicks
OlymPicks is an ongoing blog series whereby we highlight news, gossip,
DP Dear Stephon Marbury: Please Stop Tormenting Your Fans and Retire
Teaching children to make their beds can be difficult if they don't see the value of making something neat only to mess it up later the same day.
OlymPicks: Forget the Medalists, Beijing 2022's Real Winners Will Be Luxury Hotels
If you told any Beijinger in 2008 that the Olympics would lead to some of the city's nicest hotels being built in Zhangjiakou, they never would ha
OlymPicks: Sorry Couch Potatoes, IOC Prez Says You Can’t Become an Olympian Via Esports
Brace yourself for some tragic news, video game addicts: The years you’ve dedicating to sitting at a console and mastering a controller aren’t yet
R TV Tuesday: Even Better than the Real Thing with "Running Man"
Welcome to TV Tuesday, a column devoted to following the newest and mo
R Marbury Departure Sparks Angry Fan Backlash Against Beijing Ducks
The Beijing Ducks long road towards restructuring its team is off to a very rough start after fans reacted angrily towards their decision to refus
R Chinese Public Outraged After Fight Breaks Out at Hockey Game
A massive brawl that broke out during a Chinese hockey game has not jus
Beijing Ducks Terminate Contract of Stephon Marbury
Weeks of rumors and debate that divided the city finally came to an end Saturday afternoon when the Beijing Ducks basketball team agreed to termin
R OlymPicks: NHL Sits Out 2018 Games, Dismaying Fans But Heartening Would Be Stars
Anyone dismayed by the National Hockey League's (NHL's) shocking withdrawal from the 2018 Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea, should be hea
R OlymPicks: The NHL Makes Big China Push, Even Though Its Olympic Prospects Remain Uncertain
Unlikely as it seems – given the expenses and overall lack of prior exposure – Chinese officials are hellbent on making hockey a mainstream sensat
10 Tips to Sidestep Marathon Training Burnout in Beijing and Prepare for The Great Wall Marathon
Marathon training should be a journey of pushing your mental and physical capabilities beyond what you ever thought possible.