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Didi is Rolling Out an English Platform This Spring
Didi Chuxing, the local car hailing app that managed to get Uber
Surge of Returning Spring Breakers Cause Travel Chaos
If you're thinking now is a convenient time to go traveling, think again.
Did Beijing Seem Empty This Past Week? That's Because 8.48 Million People Left During CNY
After considerably placated attack from firecrackers and fireworks, Beijing seems much quieter than usual – shops and restaurants remain closed, t
New Pricing Policy May Not Make It Easier For You To Get A Didi
Chinese New Year is fast approaching, meaning a lot of Didi drivers are heading home.
Beijing's 10 Deadliest Roads of 2016
With Spring Festival movement in mind the roads are bound to be more crowded, and to ensure that accidents stay at a minimum, the Beijing traffic
Authorities Begin Enforcement of New Restrictions on Ride Hailing Services as Fares Rise for Consumers
Where have all the good things gone?
Local Journo Documents Extensive Fake Taxis Preying on Arrivals to Beijing's Terminal 2
Beijing's airport is rife with fake taxis that pay a gang boss RMB 1,200 a month to jump the normal queue and are equipped with sophisticated mete
Beijing's Chaoyang Park and Wangjing Stations to Open Before Year's End
Although the end of 2016 is less that a week away, local transportation officials have announced some major subway developments set to take place
2016 Year in Review: Everything We Blogged About Uber and Didi
Both Uber and Didi (now sort of but not really merged) were in the news so much this year that we felt compelled to write a separate...
Smoggy AF: Your Complete Guide to Pollution in Beijing
Whether you're visiting Beijing, moving to Beijing, or already living here, everyone is equally affected by the frequent changes in air quality, a
Uber to Automatically Block Your Account This Saturday, Nov 26
This is a repost of a guest blog we originally ran on November 12 courtesy of Shanghai-based blogger, radio host and Fudan University teacher 
How to Control Your Road Rage in the Wake of German Expat’s Racist Tirade
Though parking spaces are undeniably rare in our ever-gridlocked capital, one high-profile expat is likely wishing that he'd opted for another spo
Tech Check: New Chips Set to Make High Speed Train Travel Safer
For many China travelers, the thought of barreling down a track at 350km/h is an exhilarating, innovative, and convenient prospect.
What Uber's App Changes in China Mean for You
This guest post comes to us courtesy of Shanghai-based blogger, radio host and Fudan University teacher...