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R You Make Me Feel So Rail: Streetcars Coming to Shunyi in 2019
The expat enclave of Shunyi won't be such an isolated suburb of Beijing anymore with a new light rail public transportation system expected to beg
R Road Construction Will Close the East Third Ring Road at Night This Summer
Commuters looking to take the taxi home after a night out in Sanlitun may be forced to take a roundabout route this summer.
R Trains to Shanghai Now Feature Personal Soft Sleeper Compartments
High-speed train passengers in China now have the option of traveling with more privacy by booking tickets for ...
R Keepin' it Rail: Streetcars Return to Beijing After A Half-Century Absence
The Beijing public will soon be able to access remote scenic areas in the city's west end quickly and conveniently with its...
Beijing Subway Line 12 to Open in 2020, Promises Transfers of Under 100 Meters
According to Beijing News, Beijing Subway Line 12 is set to open to
R Ride the Beijing Metro Just By Swiping Your Phone
China's advancement towards a walletless society took another step forward with the news that passengers can now ride the Beijing Metro just by ...
R New High-Speed Train Promises Beijing-Shanghai Travel in Just 3 Hours
After years of restricting train speeds, China's high-speed railway may once again be offering passengers quick travel times by introducing a new
China's Bike Rental Consolidation Begins With Reported Mobike Acquisition of Unibike
This post comes courtesy of our content partners at TechNode.
R "Lawful Laowai" Teaches Proper Driving to Chinese By Shaming Them
China's ongoing campaign to promote traffic safety awareness has directed its attention towards
Mandarin Month: How To Make Friends with your Taxi Driver
In the lead up to our Mandarin Month mixer on June 24 June 25, where yo
Beijing Metro Line 1 and 2 Platform Safety Barriers To Finally Begin Testing
It has been a long time coming, but the final phase of implementing subway platform safety barrie
8 Beijing Subway Stations Shut as of Today and Through the Weekend, Thanks to OBOR
While we may be getting excited about the benefits (re: blue skies) that the One Belt, One Road (OBOR) Summit (May 14-15) will bring us, we're all
One Belt One Road Summit (May 14-15): Blue Skies, Crowded Airport, No Enforced Holidays
The One Belt, One Road Summit, May 14-15, is imminent and with the barrage of meetings come a number of restrictions on Beijing life as we usually
Beijing to Take Action on Bike-Sharing Chaos With New Regulations
The rapid explosion of bike-sharing schemes on the streets of the city has been both a blessing and a curse for Beijingers.