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R Beijing Things to do on a Rainy Day
It rarely rains in Beijing, but when it rains, it pours.
China's Dancing Grannies Are Driving a Tech Boom
This post comes courtesy of our content partners at TechNode.
DP A Beijing Expat's Shaolin Kung Fu Odyssey
When most foreigners think about kung fu, the last thing to likely cross their minds would be a petite, glamorous redhead from Azerbaijan.
DP "Keep It Alive and Find a Way"; The Creative Entrepreneurs Defying Beijing's Street Business Crackdown
Even though their doors have been blocked by bricks, and bars have been fixed to their windows, many streetside Beijing businesses have remained s
Mindfulness in Beijing: Teaching How to Tackle Pain Through Meditation and Self Awareness
Settling into a group meditation class at the Beixinqiao-adjacent Beij
R Beijing Beats: DJ Stingray, Beach Party, Chris Cruse, Alton Miller
Beijing Beats brings you the best in Beijing nightlife each weekend so that you can soothe the woes of a long a stressful week with some out-o
Beijinger Nathan Waters in Critical Condition in Hospital, Great Leap Fundraiser This Saturday (Jun 10)
Having suffered a serious stroke on Thursday of last week (Jun 1), Beijing expat Nathan Waters remains on life support and in critical condition a
R Shuangjing Foodies, Worry Not! Numerous Bar and Restaurant Signs Revamped, But Business Is Still Going Strong
After months of rampant closures and renovations across the capital, we probably couldn't withstand much more bad news.
R Shanghai-Based Queer Film Platform Cinemq Talks Beijing and Shanghai Queer Scenes, Queer Cinema
Recently we had the opportunity to speak to Matthew Baren, co-founder and editor-in-chief of Shanghai-based Cine
R Expat Teacher Fired After Abuse Video Exposed Online
An expat teacher has been fired from his job at a Beijing kindergarten after an online video purporting to show a case of child abuse attracted a
Beicology: Personalize Your PM2.5 Protection with Cambridge Masks' New High Tech App
Editor's Note: Cambridge Mask's Kickstarter campaign went live May 30, check it out...
"Problems Black People Face In China"; Q&A With Controversial Vlogger "Mr. Wode Maya"
Imagine if you boarded a bus and no-one would sit beside you, or if you were rejected from a job for blatantly superficial reasons.
Foreigners Are Out-WeChatting China's Most Active WeChatters
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R Citywide Bar and Restaurant Raids Apparently Set for This Weekend (May 12-13) Ahead of One Belt, One Road Summit
A raid at the popular bar Heaven Supermarket in Sanlitun last night (May 1