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TRB Copper to Host Benefit for Cancer-Stricken China Daily Reporter Mike Peters, Aug 20
[UPDATE: Aug 17, 2.20pm] Several sources close to Mike Peters have confirmed that he passed away at approximately 1.30pm toda
Business Till Your Eyeballs Bleed at the All-Chamber Welcome Back Networking, Aug 22
Do you feel under-businessed? Have you been stuck in a slobbish rut for far too long?
A Drink With: Vineyard Café and Arrow Factory Restaurateur Will Yorke, Who Reveals His Boozy Escapades
While many of us thankfully can’t recall our worst nights out, Will Yorke remembers one such awful occasion all too vividly.
Is Beijing Really So LGBT Unfriendly? Recent Survey Prompts Soul Searching in the Queer Community, As Media Clampdowns Loom Large
Plenty of soul searching has been prompted in Beijing after the release of a survey called "100 best LGBT cities in the world,” conducted by Germa
Turn the Front of Your Favorite Fangjia Venue Into a Canvas With the Artsy Eye-Dotting the Dragon Project
The hutongs have never been just alleys and courtyards.
"My Advice: Walk On Eggshells, and Avoid Trouble Altogether"-A Pair of Deported Foreigners Share Their Story
Many foreigners were spooked by a spate of drug raids that hit several popular
DP Old China Hand: Nyonya Kitchen Founders Talk Surviving  Beijing’s Tumultuous F&B Scene For 25 Years
Given the number of bricked-up businesses and crackdowns on long-running favorites, simply running a restaurant seems like no small feat in Beijin
R US Starlet Prefers "Sexy" Beijing Losers Instead of "Over-Liberated" Western Men in Viral Video
Are you a Beijing loser with no sense of fashion? Do you have trouble finding a date who accepts you in all your flaws?
R Playlist: Yue Space's Shao Qiang and Susan Wang Share Their Eclectic Favorites
Although numerous Beijing livehouses have struggled – and all too frequently failed – to stay open in recent years, Yue Space has made a noble eff
R Beijing Things to do on a Rainy Day
It rarely rains in Beijing, but when it rains, it pours.
R Old China Hand: Joerg Wuttke, President of the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China
As Joerg Wuttke recently prepared to end his term as President of the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China, and head back to his hometown i
Big Brother Watches Little Brother: Video Surveillance Spotted Inside Beijing Public Bathroom
Beijing has stepped up to the ranks of a brave, new world as the interior of one of its public bathrooms has been equipped with a video surveillan
China's Dancing Grannies Are Driving a Tech Boom
This post comes courtesy of our content partners at TechNode.
DP A Beijing Expat's Shaolin Kung Fu Odyssey
When most foreigners think about kung fu, the last thing to likely cross their minds would be a petite, glamorous redhead from Azerbaijan.
DP "Keep It Alive and Find a Way"; The Creative Entrepreneurs Defying Beijing's Street Business Crackdown
Even though their doors have been blocked by bricks, and bars have been fixed to their windows, many streetside Beijing businesses have remained s