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DP The Heartwarming Story of a 72-Year-Old Transgender Beijinger
After decades of dreaming about it, Xin Yue has finally transitioned into womanhood.
R Canadian Shoe Gaze Stars Braids Beg You to Put Your Phone Down, Come See them at DDC, March 3
Raphaelle Standell-Preston didn't meet her would be bandmates at a divy livehouse or in some other typically badass, rock 'n' roll fashion.
UK Tourism Ambassador Called "Foreign Male Scum" in Warning to All Chinese Women
A UK man who has devoted his life towards learning Chinese language and culture has been repaid for his efforts by having his face used to represe
Ningbo-Based Project Maps LGBT+ Safe Spaces, Beijing Boasts 16 Spots So Far
A Shanghai-based project, Tata, is aiming to provide more information for the LGBT+ community with regards to safe spaces throughout the country.
Valentine's Day Wrap Up: Smog, Fake Blue Roses, and Girlfriend Revenge
Got your chocolate and champagne?
DP Valentine's Mandarin Monday: Five Alternative Ways to Say I Love You in Chinese
Bored with saying the usual 我爱你 (wǒ ài nǐ)? This Valentine's Day, really surprise your lover with these alternative ways of expressing yo
This Beijing Startup Connects China's LGBT Community for Marriages of Convenience
This post comes courtesy of our content partners at TechNode.
Thierry de Dobbeleer: The Man With the RMB 20,000 Beard
Things got hairy at Belgian brew specialists Beer Mania this week
Get the Most Out of Your Costume This Halloween By Partying for the Next 9 Days Straight
There's nothing quite as disappointing as spending enormous amounts of time, money and energy developing a fantastic Halloween costume and then on
Save the Date: Beijing AIDS Walk, Sep 24
It's that time of year again: get up and walk along the Great Wall to help fight against HIV discrimination through fund raising and raising aware
Six Condom Mistakes You Don't Know You're Making
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Condoms are a great way to help prevent STI’s and they are up to 98 percent effective at preventing pregnancy.
UNDP, PKU, and LGBT Center Release "Being LGBTI in China" Report
Despite recent developments showing more openness to them among the general population, the vast majority of sexual and gender minorities in China
A Guide to Getting Laid with Laowai. Really?
Hot on the heels of security posters warning Beijing women to avoid causing a...
Happy National Security Day! Be Careful Dating Foreigners, They Could Be Spies
On everyone’s favorite new day of awareness, National Security Day, a bunch of these comics titled Dangerous Love (sounds like a title fo