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Beijing's 10 Deadliest Roads of 2016
With Spring Festival movement in mind the roads are bound to be more crowded, and to ensure that accidents stay at a minimum, the Beijing traffic
Beijing Born Scientist Turns Key Tofu (豆腐) ingredient Into a Superior, Smog Busting Air Filter
Beijingers are used to seeing soy used to produce all manner of foodstuffs – tofu, soy milk, edamame, protein supplements, soy sauce ...
DP Beijing Butts Out: Smoking Ban Results in 200,000 Fewer Smokers
While Beijing residents accustomed to smoky restaurants, bars, and other hazy interiors doubted that the city's latest ban on lighting up would ha
Chinese Authorities Request Cap on App's AQI Readings, and That (Surprisingly) Might Be the Right Move
The operators of a popular pollution monitoring app installed on tens of thousands of phones in Beijing have been told to cap its highest AQI read
Should You Exercise When the AQI is High? Three Fitness Experts Weigh In
Sponsored by Blueair
It’s just a couple of weeks into 2017, and many of us are still in the midst of trying to fulfill recently made New Year’s resolutions to get out
R Waiting to Exhale: Beijing Restaurateurs Eagerly Welcome Back Patrons After an Airpocalyptically Quiet Week
Beijing’s restaurateurs are breathing sighs of relief in every sense of the word: Last week's record-breaking smog levels not only affected the qu
Catherine de France Offers Dust-Busting Beauty Effects to Keep You Looking Lovely on Smoggy Days
Sponsored by Catherine de France
You would be forgiven for thinking – nay, hoping – that Beijing’s polluted air only has an effect on your lungs.
DP Beicology: Has Beijing's Smog Entirely Engulfed China's International Image?
Beijing's hazy horizons have not only become an obsession for those dwelling in the Chinese capital, but also for onlookers from abroad who have t
Upgraded Experience for Beer Drinkers, The Beer Spa at Xindong Lu
Are you feeling tired of drinking beer and would now like to potentially drown in it instead?
Urban Dance Community in Beijing: Where to take dance classes?
No matter how old you are or how much experience you have dancing, you can find your home for dance somewhere in Beijing.
Tech Check: We Can't Wait to Try This New High Tech Air Pollution Tracker
For those of us Beijingers who keep our eyes constantly glued to AQI apps and monitors, neurotically checking for updated readings to keep our pre
It's Official: You've Just Lived Through the Worst Week of Bad Beijing Air in Recent Memory
Congratulations, contemporary Beijing residents: You now have new pollution bragging rights, as you have survived the worst week of air on record
R 8 Skincare Products To Help You Through Beijing's Dry and Polluted Winter Days
With all of our worrying about the pollution's affect on our lungs, it's easy to forget about our body's biggest organ: our skin.