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DP Working From Home or Freelancing in Beijing: Tips to Create a Stress Free Home Office
While working from home may sound like the dream, there’s also the constant temptation to work out of bed instead and swap your laptop for your DV
Mandarin Monday: Going to a Local Dentist in Beijing
There’s always been a shroud of fear when it comes to dentists.
DP Get Ripped By Going Toe to Toe with UFC Fighter Albert Cheng, Offering Fight Classes in Shuangjing and Shaoyaoju
Have you ever wondered what it's like to go toe to toe with a pro MMA fighter?
Let Your Body Help Your Mind Drift Off at Awa's New Dead Sea Floating Therapy
Unable to stop mulling over work when you leave your office, glued to your WeChat, and experiencing muscle or joint aches?
Weekend Workshop “Intro to Yoga” at Yoga Yard
Always ready to try new things and go to new places, I was excited to try out the Intro to Yoga workshop one weekend.
Count Your Calories with Nutrition Labels at 4 Brands in Beijing
Eating out in Beijing is a culinary delight.
Beicology: See Ma Jun, "China's Foremost Environmentalist," at the Embassy of Ireland, April 20
Beicology is a regular column about environmentalism, conservation and
Share a Desk Without Coughing Up a Lung: AQI-Inclinced Coworking Spaces on Their Way to Beijing
Two issues dominate Beijing's headlines like no others: the capital's record-breaking pollution levels, and its rapidly rising rental rates.
EAT: New Hffousa Opens in Shunyi, Paleo Muesli Mix from Miss Muesli,
First up in your essential foodie news this week, a new Hffousa Taco has opened i
2017 Beijing Earth Day Festival Takes Place on April 22-23, For the Planet
This Earth Day, Gung Ho!
DP Spring in the Air: Blueair Also Protects Against Pollen, From Stockholm to Beijing
Sponsored by Blueair
Spring is in the air, and nobody will be as aware of that as those suffering from severe pollen allergies during this time of year.
10 Tips to Sidestep Marathon Training Burnout in Beijing and Prepare for The Great Wall Marathon
Marathon training should be a journey of pushing your mental and physical capabilities beyond what you ever thought possible.
DP Protein Power: Advice on What to Eat Before and After a Workout
Sponsored by Tribe Nutrition
It may come as a surprise to hear that what you eat before and after a workout is almost as important as the workout itself.
DP Heading to a Ball?: Blow+Bar in 3.3 is Beijing's One-Stop-Shop for Hair Updos, Nails, and Predrinks
Sponsored by Blow+Bar
Getting ready to go to a ball, gala, or other special occasions?
Shedding Light on Depression: Dance to Celebrate Two Year CandleX Anniversary at Modernista, Apr 1
This April 1 marks two years since CandleX was founded, aimed at promoting awareness on depression and providing social support throughout Beijing