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Cheap Escapes from the Rush of Golden Week
Even though Golden Week (Oct 1-8) is still almost two months away, when it comes to national holiday travel plans, you really cannot start too soo
Ko Tao: Catch Your Breath on Turtle Island
Thailand’s Ko Tao, also known as Turtle Island, has the best of both tropical worlds: incredible beaches made to lounge on and deep blue waters pe
Travel and Leisure Magazine Names Waldorf Astoria Beijing's Top Hotel
Bad news for Beijing: yet another international list of travel destinations has been announced, and Beijing is nowhere near it.
Budget Travel: Beijing Capsule Hotel Roundup
Whether traveling for business or pleasure, many of us operate on a budget.
New 144 hour visa-free entry to be introduced in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei
@all: Redirect your flights from Shanghai to Beijing and expand your mind and lose the contents of your wallet exploring the cultural heart of Chi
Thousands of Years of Yunnanese Matriarchy: Hear Author Choo Waihong Talk About Her Stay With the Mosuo People, Aug. 3 at The Bookworm
By nearly any standard, Choo Waihong appeared to be a successful, modern young woman. She had a prestigious degree.
Hanoi and Outlying Adventures: Karsts, Rice Paddies, and the Contagious Energy of the Capital In Between
Bordering China’s southern provinces of Yunnan and Guangxi, Vietnam’s place in Asia has not only been molded by its mammoth sister to the north, w
Law of the (Beijing) Land: Laws, Rights, Scams, and In Case of an Emergency
Thefts can be more common than one would like to think in Beijing. Below are some of the commonly seized items and what to do post-theft.
5 things to taste, smell, touch, hear and see this weekend
Beijing can be overstimulating to say the least.
Beijing's Best Airbnb Options for a Weekend Away
Are you looking for a weekend getaway that won’t break the bank but will be fun for all?
R1 How to Spend 24 Hours in Tianjin
If you want to escape Beijing for a change of scene, Tianjin is only a day trip away and has a completely different feel to the capital.
Get Out: Head to Jinan and Enjoy Hot Springs A Mere 1.5 Hours from Beijing by Train
Haven't settled on a summer destination yet? Don't have enough annual leave remaining to go very far?
R Make Your Next Weekend Away a Gourmet Break in Kuala Lumpur
Just a six-hour direct flight from Beijing (budget airline Air Asia X flies twice a day, although the times are a little antisocial), Kuala Lumpur
Explore These Chinese Cities From Beijing for Under RMB 300 a Plane Ticket
With June comes the mad scramble to figure out what in the hell you're going to do for a vacation this summer and what's even available now that y