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R1 How to Spend 24 Hours in Tianjin
If you want to escape Beijing for a change of scene, Tianjin is only a day trip away and has a completely different feel to the capital.
Get Out: Head to Jinan and Enjoy Hot Springs A Mere 1.5 Hours from Beijing by Train
Haven't settled on a summer destination yet? Don't have enough annual leave remaining to go very far?
R Make Your Next Weekend Away a Gourmet Break in Kuala Lumpur
Just a six-hour direct flight from Beijing (budget airline Air Asia X flies twice a day, although the times are a little antisocial), Kuala Lumpur
Explore These Chinese Cities From Beijing for Under RMB 300 a Plane Ticket
With June comes the mad scramble to figure out what in the hell you're going to do for a vacation this summer and what's even available now that y
Not Just for Tourists: How to Make the Most of Beijing's Scenic Spots
Beijing’s scenic spots are often dismissed as touristy by those of us who have called this city home for longer than, say, six months.
Datong: A Historical City in Flux Worthy of a Weekender 
Located an hour’s flight or a 4.5-hour bus ride west of Beijing and bordering Inner Mongolia, Shanxi province’s city of Datong is, putting it blun
Three Days in Yangon: A City on the Rise
Yangon is a city on the rise.
Exploring Beijing by foot
Beijing is not a walkable city. In fact, it can be fairly hostile to pedestrians.
8 Beijing Subway Stations Shut as of Today and Through the Weekend, Thanks to OBOR
While we may be getting excited about the benefits (re: blue skies) that the One Belt, One Road (OBOR) Summit (May 14-15) will bring us, we're all
One Belt One Road Summit (May 14-15): Blue Skies, Crowded Airport, No Enforced Holidays
The One Belt, One Road Summit, May 14-15, is imminent and with the barrage of meetings come a number of restrictions on Beijing life as we usually
R Spring Hiking to Extremes in Mentougou, Hebei and Some Useful Tips
I have to confess that as a beer afficianado, my daily exercise mainly entails commuting between the office and home with some bars inbetween.
852 Suds, A Guide to Hong Kong’s Craft Beer Scene
Hong Kong is a little like a diamond: you may think you’ve seen its sparkle, but turn it over and there are even more shiny facets to find.
R Shenzhen Sightseeing: What is There to See in the Southernmost Pearl of the River Delta?
A city with a population of almost 12 million, Shenzhen is one of the five largest and wealthiest municipalities in China.
DP Beijing's Best Tour Companies
Beijing is a pretty easy city to get around for visitors, even for those who don't speak Chinese, but taking a tour can still improve your overall
British Artist Talks About Walking, Mapping the Sixth Ring Road for Psychogeographic Project
Fewer things could seem worse to most Beijingers than spending more time than necessary on one of the city's ring roads.