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Although we’ve been shouting ourselves hoarse about it in our weekly 7 days in Beijing newsletter, it seems that a lot of people still don’t know that Tuesday is half-price movie day at all the cinemas in Beijing. That’s right, if you don’t have anything planned for this evening you can head over to your local cinema and catch the recently released Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. for between 30 to 40 kuai.

Below are the screening times at major Beijing cinemas for the evening of August 14:

East Gate Cinema
7, 7.40, 8.20, 9, 9.40 and 10.20pm (their website didn’t specify which screenings would be in the original English)

UME International Cineplex
IMAX: 7.45 and 22.30pm.
English: 7.05, 8.55 and 9.40pm
RMB 40.

Art Gallery
Changhong Cinema
English: 8.20 and 11pm
RMB 40.

Shoudu Shidai Cinema
English: 7 and 9.35pm.
RMB 30.

Wanda International Cinema
English: 7.30, 8.10 8.50 9.30 and 10.20pm.
RMB 40.

Xindong'an Cinema
English: 8.30pm.
RMB 30.

Links and Sources:
China Daily: Wild about the wizard
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: Official Site
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: Trailer


btw females are half price on Thursdays at the Wanda International Cinema ... looks like despite DVDs, movie-going is going great guns these days.

However, I can't stand the fact that they have fresh-popped popcorn -- ALL of it sweetened

down with sweet popcorn. Salty rocks.


There is a nice cinema in Wangjing (in the same complex as Ito Yokado, near Jingshun Lu at the Dashanzi intersection) that has some films in English. Their website (Chinese only) is

They are currently showing Harry Potter and Transformers in English

qiu xiao gui

I like it very much!

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