Second Phase of Olympic Tickets on Sale Tomorrow

After numerous announcements that tickets would go on sale in mid-October, the second phase of Olympic ticket sales finally starts tomorrow, October 30. Unlike the first phase, the tickets are being offered on a first come first served basis and aside from tickets to Olympic events, Chinese nationals and foreigners with temporary resident status will also be able to buy tickets to the opening and closing ceremonies of the Paralympics. Unfortunately, tickets to the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympics are not being offered in this round.

Tickets can be bought in one of three ways:

1. Online at the official site

2. By Calling the Ticketing Call Center: 952008

3. At numerous Bank of China branches across the country. See this list for the participating Beijing branches

As with the first phase, you'll need either a Visa card or an account with Bank of China to purchase the tickets and you won't be able to get your hands on the tickets themselves until June or July next year. For a full explanation on how the system works click here.

Update: Olympic officials have announced that although there will be around 1,850, 000 tickets on sale, there is a limit of 50 tickets per person. They've also indicated that tickets can only be purchased for yourself and can not on behalf of others.

Links and Sources:
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"We're sorry, there was a problem processing your request. Please try again."

This is what I get every time I request tickets.

Did they not assume that a lot of people would be trying to use the website at the same time? BOCOG, BOCOG! Is anybody home?!

The phone number is constantly busy too.

Guess it's time to start pulling some guangxi strings.

10 m synchronized mens diving tickets, where art thou?

BOCOG has announced that the second phase of Olympic ticket sales has been suspended until Nov 5! It seems that the system was not up to handling the huge demand for tickets. See this report for more details.

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