Top Models at the Beijing Car Show

All-purpose posing at China Auto

The cars at the Beijing Auto Show 2012 have been revealed in all their Ming vase and dragon-decal glory which means short attention spans have moved from the auto bodies to female bodies. But isn't that sort of the point when you have a bikini-clad model amongst the latest luxury SUVs?

Security model their new look urban camo

Gan Lulu, who hit the web last year in a towel-less, husband-finding ploy, continued to make her presence known at the car show. Busting out in several low-cut dresses, the Chinese model earned some catty looks from the other models.

"Look at what she's wearing"

Even full-length dresses failed to keep some of the models from exposing as much skin as possible.

Careful with that paintwork, honey

But the oddest one has been a helmet-wearing bikini'd woman connected with Stylish Auto magazine.

Trust us, you don't want a larger photo



Wow beautifull gan Biggrin i like her

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