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2012 Apr 30 Top Models at the Beijing Car Show


All-purpose posing at China Auto

The cars at the Beijing Auto Show 2012 have been revealed in all their Ming vase and dragon-decal glory which means short attention spans have moved from the auto bodies to female bodies. But isn't that sort of the point when you have a bikini-clad model amongst the latest luxury SUVs?

Security model their new look urban camo

Gan Lulu, who hit the web last year in a towel-less, husband-finding ploy, continued to make her presence known at the car show. Busting out in several low-cut dresses, the Chinese model earned some catty looks from the other models.

"Look at what she's wearing"

Even full-length dresses failed to keep some of the models from exposing as much skin as possible.

Careful with that paintwork, honey

But the oddest one has been a helmet-wearing bikini'd woman connected with Stylish Auto magazine.

Trust us, you don't want a larger photo

Photos: ministryoftofu.com, blogs.wsj.com

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The Global Times recently reported a planned expansion of the areas of the Forbidden City open to tourists, from 30 percent to 70 percent of the complex’s total area. As well as opening up new areas of the City, the renovation aims to relieve congestion and stress on the current zones open to visitors.

Editor’s Note: Lauren McCarthy, our intrepid writer, went to check out the “Happy Magic Water Cube Waterpark” yesterday. Here is her take on the experience.

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We reported several weeks ago about the “pre-census” census taking place in Beijing from August 15 to September 15.  Since then a lack of concrete information and several reports of suspicious behavior have left many readers asking serious questions about the whole process. Here at the Beijinger we’ve done some digging to try and answer your questions. Instead we’ve received vague answers and found a mass of conflicting reports in the Chinese media.

The Global Times reported earlier this week that the Beijing Western Food Association (BWFA) has published their first annual list of Beijing’s crème-de-la-crème of foreign dining.  According to the Association’s secretary-general Xu Meng, these “20 restaurants best represent the foreign flavors that Beijing has to offer.” Really?

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