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2012 Oct 18 Sneak Peek: The Wangfujing Apple Store is the Largest in Asia

And you thought Wangfujing was crowded before

In case you haven't heard, Apple's opening up its third Beijing store on Saturday in Wangfujing. We were on hand for an early media tour today, so we get to bring you a sneak peek of the new location.

Occupying a prominent corner of the APM shopping mall, the three-level store is Apple's biggest location in Asia. They're not saying exactly how big it is, but we're hearing talk that it's 4,000 square meters.

"I'll take one of each, please."

The first floor is reserved for Apple's products, while the basement has accessories and third-party gadgets. Upstairs, you'll find the Genius Bar and setup service.

I've heard these guys are pretty smart.

If you'll allow me to geek out a bit, the store has a three-level glass staircase, one of only three in the world, so it'll be a good place to turn your iPod on and do some cardio. (I kid.) I'm also happy to see that the store has two 360-degree Genius Bars, which should help alleviate some of the difficulty in finding appointments at Apple's other stores in Xidan and Sanlitun.

If you're an Apple faithful, you can line up to get a special edition T-shirt this Saturday. The store opens its doors at 9am. Sadly, it won't be carrying the iPhone 5 just yet, so we'll still have to wait for it.

Apple Store – Wangfujing
1/F, APM, 138 Wangfujing Dajie, Dongcheng District
东城区王府井大街138号北京 apm

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Photos: Josh Ong

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There was a time when, to many Beijingers, the iPhone symbolized the epitome of wealth, status and power. On Apple product release dates, the lines outside the Sanlitun flagship store wrapped around blocks. People fought. Scalpers haggled. And in the end, more than a few people were left with their thirst for iPhone treasure unquenched.

Today, not so much. Sure, Apple products still have a certain cachet to them, and who doesn’t love the megapixel action on that iPad 3? But given the electrocutions, explosions, and even comas that have been linked to the use of iPhones and their accessories, Apple isn’t doing too hot in China right now. In fact, Jing Daily reports that Apple has control over only “5 percent of the country’s smartphone market.” Compare that with Japan, who, according to CNET, has 2/3 of its smartphone buyers opting for the iPhone.

Apple may be trying to change all that with a new product: iPhone Gold.

What long-awaited cheap-chic brand is finally debuting in Beijing early next year? We’ll give you a hint: They’ve been sued over 50 times for copyright infringement. (We wonder what’s taken them so long? Seems like they’d fit right in here. Heh.)

Apple will open its fourth showcase Apple Store in Beijing on Friday, January 10 at the China Central Mall, a retail area colloquially known as Hua Mao.

Fashionistas familiar with local talent will be thrilled to learn that this day has finally arrived: Vega Zaishi Wang, who graduated from Central Saint Martins and once worked with the late Alexander McQueen, has finally opened her own boutique.


Whew. Beijing has seen a flurry of store openings, fashion shows and big-name visitors in these last couple weeks – and the Beijinger has the inside scoop and photos right here.