The Vine Leaf No More – Get Stuff'd Instead

A contemporary take on "stuffed"

Word's just in: What we once knew as The Vine Leaf has morphed into Stuff'd. The crew behind The Vineyard Cafe (and its latest outpost on the Liangma River) is turning the Jianchang Hutong venue into a new concept called Stuff'd. As the name implies, all food on their new menu is stuffed into something else.

So what kinds of edible things can you shove into other edible things? Well, there's The Vine Leaf's Scotch egg, for one. Rest assured, that will remain on the menu. An egg stuffed into sausage and then battered certainly fits the bill.

The new menu will feature four kinds of homemade sausage:

  • The Sage – a bratwurst made with their homemade stout and copious amounts of sage
  • The Spice of Life – a Swedish sausage with potato in the mix
  • The Hardy English – a banger with fresh rosemary, thyme and parsley
  • The Siesta – chorizo spiced with cayenne and paprika peppers

Also on the menu will be pulled pork with avocado (stuffed into a pita), falafel (stuffed into a pita), a hamburger (stuffed with three kinds of cheese and bacon) and calzones (stuffed pizza).

One important word from the crew is that the weekend brunch will remain the same – though now with sausages! – and that Stuff'd will still be serving homebrewed beer.

Photo: Jonathan Heeter


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