Art Weekly: Icon, The Silk Road, Activation of Classic Collections, and Vincent Van Gogh

Ahh art, that most majestic of forms that even when presented as the most simple structures, whether it be rendered in paint, stone, or ... a toilet ... can bring us to tears and bring a new perspective on our surroundings and lonely, meaningless existence. Or something. Either way, whatever your relation to man's need to create, there's a bunch of it happening in our capital right now.

Until Sep 18: Icon
Zhang Xinyi, a young but accomplished artist displays her first exhibition at Tong Gallery in 798. Unlike traditional painting, Zhang completes her art via a computer in innovative ways – usually by searching through classic paintings and simplifying them, removing the detail, light, and emotions, all the while keeping the fundamentals, such as line and color. Tong Gallery + Projects. Free.

Until Oct 7: The Silk Road and Russian Ethnic Cultural Heritage Exhibition
Hosted by the National Museum of China, and in cooperation with the Russian Museum of Ethnography, the Silk Road and Russian Ethnic Cultural Heritage Exhibition displays 594 pieces that epitomize the culture and people in southern Russia, which include exotic handicrafts, horse gear, and carriages. National Museum of China. Free.

Until Aug 19: Activation of Classic Collections
A series of contemporary photography and paintings, including human portraits, social documentary, landscape photographys and conceptual photography. Most notably, the show contains over 50 pieces by renowned Mexican photographer Pedro Meyer. Free (must show ID).

Stick around the National Art Museum of China for serial pictures of Chinese modern art, which act as rich, story-laden picture-book, and is on display until August 15. Free (must show ID)

Until Sep 16: Meet Vincent van Gogh
And last but not least, 3D exhibition Meet Vincent van Gogh is still on show until September 16 (daily, 10am-10pm) at the Golden Resources Mall. Click here for tickets; RMB 288, RMB 198 (children or students), or RMB 658 for a family package.

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