Law of the (Beijing) Land: Laws, Rights, Scams, and In Case of an Emergency

Thefts can be more common than one would like to think in Beijing. Below are some of the commonly seized items and what to do post-theft.


If you lose your passport, report immediately at both the police station and the division of Exit/Entry Administration at the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau or at the exit-entry department of the public security bureau branch nearest to where the passport was lost. A new passport can be acquired at your embassy or consulate using the Confirmation of Passport Loss document. Don’t forget to apply for a new visa!

Stolen Property

In the event that your property is stolen, call the police at 110 and report the theft immediately. Then wait for the police to arrive and cooperate with them, which may include going to the station.

Missing Persons

A missing persons’ report can be filed 48 hours after that persons’ disappearance. The report can be filed both at your country’s embassy location in Beijing or at the local police department.


You should locate the embassy nearest to your residence before arriving, and keep their contact information with you. Embassies often send out alerts or other important information that their citizens should know about while in Beijing. At the embassy, you can file a missing person’s report and vote in your home country’s elections.

Emergency Hotlines

  • Fire: 119
  • Police (Phone): 110
  • Police (Text): 12110
  • Police (English Emergency Hotline): 6525 5486
  • Ambulance (Chinese): 120
  • Ambulance (English) 999
  • Traffic Accidents: 122
  • Foreign Emergency Services: 6525 5486
  • Beijing Chaoyang District Center for Disease Control and Prevention: 6777 3512
  • United Family Hospital Emergency Services: 5927 7120
  • Raffles Medical Clinic and Emergency Services: 6462 9112


This article first appeared on our sister website beijingkids.

Sources: the Beijinger and Beijing International

Picture: Wikimedia Commons


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