Budget Travel: Beijing Capsule Hotel Roundup

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, many of us operate on a budget. While it is important to, on occasion, treat yourself to a taste of the high life, all we actually need while on the road is a safe space, a clean bed and access to a hot shower. 

In China, the first capsule hotel was opened in 2011 near the Shanghai Railway Station, a foothold from which the phenomenon spread to the rest of the country. Thanks to the influence of Japanese efficiency capsule hotels (カプセルホテル) and rising real estate prices, there are now many capsule hotels with cheap, clean and safe accommodations in Beijing to save us all (and our money.)

Mini Me Capsule Hotel, RMB 88

Mini Me has three sections: a public area with TV, internet bar, bar, and common area for card games (think hostel-style); four public bathrooms and two toilets; and the sleeping area with personal storage and a small dressing table. It is a ten-minute drive from Beijing Railway Station. The staff can speak English and can assist with bicycle rental.

Bldg 10, Guanghe Nanli Ertiao, Chaoyang District (6773 8258)

Mini Me特色太空舱主题酒店:朝阳区广和南里二条10号楼

Simple Capsule Hotel, RMB 79

Opened in 2016, the new Simple Capsule Hotel is around 700m away from Chedaogou subway station (Line 10) near the third ring road in Haidian District. Belonging to a company in Xi’an, this chain hotel features hot showers, small TVs, Wi-Fi, independent bathrooms, hair-dryers, and an internet bar.

Chedaogou location. 2/F, 59 Banjing Lu, Haidian District (177 7818 0120)


Jingsong location. 2/F, Unit 6, Ducheng Xinyu, 229 Jingsong Erqu, Chaoyang District (5904 3508)


Youjia Capsule Hotel Beijing, RMB 79

The only capsule hotel that can be booked through booking.com, Youjia opened in January of 2017, and is located at Chengshousi, 5 km from the Temple of Heaven. The hotel provides slippers, hot showers, storage, and free Wi-Fi, but only serves mainland Chinese citizens.

134-3-102, Zhonghaicheng Zixinge Residence, Chengshousi Road, Chaoyang District (180 0120 3488)


Galaxystars Capsule Hotel, RMB 69-79

Located at Songjiazhuang, Yuhaixingguang is just about 200 m from Songjiazhuang Subway station. Opened in 2014, it provides the basics, such as Wi-Fi, AC, bedding, power sockets, and even a small TV.

2/F, Bldg 5.6, Zhengxinyuan Sanqu, Songjiazhuang ( 8768 7321)


Some of these hotels may remind you of the small, cozy blanket forts built in your youth, only now they're the stuff of childhood dreams with TVs and Wi-Fi access. Aside from these pod hotels, you can always look for hostels on Hostelworld and Booking. They may be slightly more expensive, but provide friendly service at convenient locations all over town. Beijing is a safe city, but keep your wits about you in these tourist-heavy locales. Make good choices, kids, and have fun!

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