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Everything is Normal at Beijing School Confirmed to Have a Tree Growing Smack Dab in the Middle of its Soccer Field
Bad design choices are so prevalent in China that you may often find yourself asking, "Why?
DP Punjabi to Open a Cultural Center & On-the-go Deli Serving Veggie & Vegan Burgers
Burger Brief takes a look at some of the attendees
R Skip the So-So Sandwiches to Better Savor Our Bakery's Delicious Salads and Coffee at SLT North
Readying one's body for the balmy beach season doesn't exactly come easy in Beijing, given all the tempting carbs and junk food options that aboun
R Expat Teacher Fired After Abuse Video Exposed Online
An expat teacher has been fired from his job at a Beijing kindergarten after an online video purporting to show a case of child abuse attracted a
R Dragon Boat Festival
This year’s Dragon Boat Festival (龙船节 lóngchuán jié or 端午节 duānwǔ jié) falls on May 30.
R Grammy Winning, Hip-Hop Inspired Pianist Robert Glasper to play Blue Note, June 1
Kanye West, Q-Tip, Mos Def, Erykah Badu, Norah Jones, and Snoop Dogg all love him, so why have you been missing out?
Beijing Beats: Intro Electronic Music Fest, Opium Hum, Conrank, Summer Haze, Vinai, Moonglow Burlesque
Beijing Beats brings you the best in Beijing nightlife each weekend so that you can soothe the woes of a long a stressful week with some out-o
From the Frontlines: Fate of Many Fangjia Hutong Establishments Remains Unclear
Following yesterday's initial day of...
Prodigious Toronto Producer Harrison to Tempt Dancefloor Diehards at ModernSky Lab, May 29
He's been called "Wise beyond his years" for fusing "juicy, bubbly synths with dusty bass and lush melodies that warm the spirit." And he's done i
Beijing’s First Official Lego Store Opens at Chaoyang Joy City
Here at the Beijinger (and our sister site beijngkids) we’ve never been afraid to tackle t
Mysterious Fire Burns Briefly on Guijie
Earlier today, crowds gathered on Guijie as a massive plume of smoke erupted from the roof of one of the Zai Zai Crayfish (仔仔小龙虾) restaurants, cre
White Lines, Don't Do It: Public Angry at Tiny Parking Spaces Designated for Share Bikes
Beijing proposals to control the nuisance of its out-of-control bike-sharing economy have hit a snag as city residents react...
Smoking Banned from All Beijing Taxis
Beijing's anti-smoking campaign continues to get stricter as a city-wide ba
R Manufactured Nostalgia Responsible for This Summer's Most-Hyped Trend: Dailin Ice Cream
A savvy marketing campaign has been able to hype a product by convincing nostalgic Beijing consumers that they yearn for something that had never