What on earth are you talking about??? In the west, we shy away from eat uncooked or raw foods?? We love that stuff, bloody steaks, beef tartare, raw seafood, salad leaves. Please elaborate as I really don't get your point

I oppose going to this show on the basis of Megadeth sucks 

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never feared touching on controversial topics like Satanism, nuclear warfare

Not in China. During their last China show, Megadeth was banned from playing many of their songs like Holy Wars, Skin of My Teeth and Master of Puppets, reduced to just playing instrumental versions of them.

So whatever his opinions, you're not going to hear any controversy. And who wants that when paying almost 2K RMB for a ticket? It's not as though people enjoy paying exorbitant amounts of money to see a big name like Wang Fei just so they can brag about how unenjoyable it was the next day.

It's a thing.

And yet he feels the need for people to know his views and puts himself in positions that publicise his opinions. We may be able to objectively appreciate the art produced by people whom we're diametrically opposed to but for me it taints the shit out of enjoying it fully.

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Honestly I think that's enough for me to not go and see Megadeth, unfortunately

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Pretty narrow view. I think Sean Penn is a fascist but that doesn't prevent me from watching his movies or listening to music by performers I am diametrically opposed to. They are artists, not spokesmen.

"Please help."

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For those who like to mix their entertainment with a little bit of politics, it's probably worth pointing out that Dave Mustaine's opinion on topics such as gay marriage would paint him as a homophobe, as well as a proto-Trump supporter given that in 1988 he said that he'd "build a great wall along the Mexican border and not let anybody in ..." if he were President of the United States. Mustaine's also a fanboy of Alex Jones, a fact in itself egregious enough to avoid this money grab.

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Hey LysanderWrites, you can browse Blueair's official online outlets at blueaircn.tmall.com or blueair.jd.com to get the idea of how much one of the pro series costs.

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I'm curious to know if there is a vinyl record of nick cave and the bad seeds tour 2010, and where I can find it!?

That's a good idea, where do you live/what are the construction sites you can see outside of your window?

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It indeed seems like the wondrous sites and sounds of the old-style Beijing markets are nearly gone. Ya Show was my favourite, but the Silk Market and Hongqiou Pearl Market were pretty good too. But Ya Show was the real place to learn bargaining, work hard for deals, and share a lot of interaction with the large variety of people, goods, and language banter. The most interesting observation, made by many of us, including professional journalists and writers, is that Beijing is more boring because of this. I always looked forward to my trips to Beijing and a visit to Ya Show, and have been coming for decades. Now there is very little left of that spirt, and it is kind of ironic that this icon of retail interaction and culture has disappeared. Silk Market is on the way, the smaller Pearl Market to soon follow ... and then shopping in Beijing will be completely homogenized, and indistinguishable from the glass and steel malls everywhere else. Phooey.

All this talk of hutong invasions has me wondering if I could ask for an article about all the construction going on around the city. I can look outside my window right now and see at least two buildings in various stages of work.

in the west we often shy away from eating compleatly uncooked / raw meat apposed to the corect term unseasioned some times foods that are unseasioned are called raw do to translation misconseptions in translation as for eating any blood it's considdered gross and unsanatary we would have no ideal how to process it well to gain the binifits but I belive i have tried a pigs blood food with out knowing it until afterwords i guess the reasions we think about blood and cooking this way could be over the way a lot of plants process the meart or store it we are thougt its better for diguestion to cook meat well and lowers chances or helth issues with harmful bactreia but some good bactereia is also lost even still its commnly less common to wash processed meat or fuit and vegetables all the time before eating or storeng yet some do because we have too much so called diiveristity its not possible to gage what is really normail at home

i think this artical gave me a little insight in to chinese diet but im not sure how i would feel about adapting to the process my self

Do you plan to open any store in Tianjin? I really love your donuts and so do my colleagues! Suggest you make delivery service available because many customers need that!*mosking*​

I don't usually make sweeping generalizations (and I won't here), but one observation from my own experience is that I have never met a single foreigner from Shanghai that can speak something even approaching passable Mandarin.

So Andy's sausages are now available at XL bar and restaurant from 8.30am-4pm, and then XL's staff takes over for even drinks and shenanigans. So it's a great place to get a New Jersey/NewYork style breakfast or lunch. Highlights include corn beef sandwiches and bacon cheese burgers with wagyu angus beef patties.



I felt curious to read about Qin dynasty achievements so I surfed the net to gather information about Chinese history, and found complete details at teasenz.com

Diving the great wall! Definitely an exciting moment :))