Blog Author - Charles Liu

R Chinese Regionalism Joke Inspires Investigation of Whether Shanghai Expats Hate Beijing Expats
No one has been more guilty of participating in the longstanding rivalry between Beijing and Shanghai than we here at the Beijinger.
R Beijing's Underground Secret: The Proliferation of Illegal Basements
Even for the savviest among us, life in Beijing can be so fast-paced that your favorite drinking hole will get remodeled even before you've become
Now That Bike-Sharing is Wicked Convenient, Beijing Steps in to Make it Less So
The rapid rise of bike-sharing in China can be boiled down to a single selling point: it's so convenient.
R Have Some Free Toilet Paper After this Machine Photographs Your Face
Giving new meaning to the term "shitfaced," a popular Beijing tourist attraction that has had trouble with tourists abusing its free supply toilet
Clueless Tourists Continue to Disembark Cars at Beijing Wild Animal Park
A rash of fatalities and intense media attention still isn't enough to prevent the latest incident of tourist misbehavior at Beijing's now notorio
CCTV Accusations of Japanese Radioactive Food Cause a Media Meltdown, Muji Caught in the Middle
It was supposed to be a night where the spotlight was shone upon unscrupulous retailers.
 R Rising Number of Chinese Ultra-Rich A Telltale Sign of Poverty Gap
China's extraordinary economic development has reached its zenith when two separate lists recently named it as having the world's most ultra-rich.
Beijing Home to Emerging Economies' Top Universities
China has firmly established its status as a growing academic powerhouse not just by commanding the lion's share of the best universities of the w
R Beijing Funeral Home Uses Cutting Edge Technology to Overcome Social Taboos
As important the role that death plays in Chinese society, the same respect is not offered to those who take care of the deceased.