Blog Author - Charles Liu

You Can Discount On Me: Wantong Market Set To Close August 31
Wantong Market is the latest victim of a urban renewal project that has shuttered nearly hundreds of small commodity and wholesale market.
R Ride the Beijing Metro Just By Swiping Your Phone
China's advancement towards a walletless society took another step forward with the news that passengers can now ride the Beijing Metro just by ...
R New High-Speed Train Promises Beijing-Shanghai Travel in Just 3 Hours
After years of restricting train speeds, China's high-speed railway may once again be offering passengers quick travel times by introducing a new
R Chinese Graduation Proms Roll Out Red Carpet for Dazzlilng Debutants
The most glamorous time of the year has arrived in China as stunning debutantes sashay down a red carpet while receiving praise from fawning admir
R Before and After Comparisons of Hutong Restorations Show a Niche Market with No Entry
Beijing was irrevokably changed this past spring when a city-wide "urban revitalization" project bricked-up the storefronts to lots of our
Big Brother Watches Little Brother: Video Surveillance Spotted Inside Beijing Public Bathroom
Beijing has stepped up to the ranks of a brave, new world as the interior of one of its public bathrooms has been equipped with a video surveillan
R Protests and Chaos at Beijing Zoo Market as Closure Imminent
A show of resistance has interrupted the systematic closing of the city's small commodity markets as brawls broke out at a protest in front of Bei
R First Private Elevator Installed for Beijing Walkup Apartment To Meet Growing Demands of Elderly
As unlikely as it may be, the phrase "penthouse suite" may soon become common in Beijing neighborhoods.
R Delayed Storm Fails to Live Up to Expectations, Causes Flooding Anyways
The downpour finally arrived in Beijing this morning as promised, but failed to live up to...