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Xinhua Mocks India's Territorial Claims With Bizarre Caricature
Xinhua has its raised its rhetoric against India regarding a two month-long territorial dispute by employing a cultural stereotype denounced by cr
Beijing Metro Now Fully Phone-Swiping Compatible as More Restrictions Are Imposed on Station Access
The good news is that you can now use a phone to gain entry to every subway station on the Bei
"Beijing Subway Cosplay Slut Shaming" Revealed as Online Marketing Campaign
Sigh. We're not even entitled to our own outrage.
Sharing is Chairing: Share Stools Appear at Beijing Bus Stop for Single-Payment Use
Not willing to sit on its laurels, China's share economy welcomes its newest venture that offers public seating for city residents – currently off
Beijing Beseiged by Flash Flooding as Heavy Rain, Hail Hammer City
The massive storms that brought flash flooding and hail to Beijing this past weekend were responsible for disrupting traffic and shutting down a s
Health Hut: Exercise Privately and Per-Use as Share-Treadmills Debut in Beijing
A new shared economy venture wants to revolutionize how people exercise by offering its clients the use of exercise equipment on a per-use basis.
Free of Pollution, A Cleaned-Up River in Beijing Now Swarmed by Nude Bathers
A newly-cleaned river located along Beijing's south Fourth Ring Road has been turned into a public bathing area by opportunistic...
Cartoon Stereotypes of "Fat, Promiscuous" Americans Used to Promote Video Game
A well-received online marketing campaign that incorporates race-baiting and cultural stereotypes has attracted a lot of online attention by askin