Blog Author - Kipp Whittaker

Lock It Down: Keeping Your Bikes Safe from Theft
You would think, from the constant bombardment of images in the media showing Beijing’s numerous traffic jams, that this would be an almost imposs
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We commissioned some of Beijing’s favorite bartenders to conjure up a perfect punch for you to make at your next party.
Practical Picnicking: Advice to Help You Pack Up And Head to the Parks
Public parks in Beijing may not be the best in the world given the unending drought but they do provide tranquil little nooks filled with lush gre
Pop Out: Break the Mold With These Popsicle Cocktails
While we wouldn’t recommend walking around town cocktail in hand, modernity and access to an icebox have their advantages when finding interesting
Hard Opening: Sound Advice on Opening a Bar in China from Expat Industry Experts
For anyone who has ever been sitting in a Beijing bar, thinking, “I should open my own place,” well … either have another drink, or sober up first
Pink: Gulou's Leather Clad Mistress of Rock
What can we say about Temple Bar?
Full Stomp Ahead: Why You Need to Stop Everything And Buy Stomp Tickets Now
It’s easy to see why Stomp has lasted 25
Playlist: Jamie Castro (AKA DJ Yauman), Co-Founder of Street Kids
Below we talk to Jamie Castro, one man dance machine and co-founder of one of Beijing's longest running DJ troupes, Street Kids.