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Hong Kong Day Tripper: Find Some Peace on Lamma Island
Lamma Island has a completely different vibe from that of Hong Kong Island, despite being a mere 20-minute boat ride away from Central Station (pi
Words and Phrases That Have a Different Meaning in Beijing
Our city is one of a kind. You know how we know that? Because when we go home and try to explain things to people, they just don't quite get it.
Ningxia Provincial Government Restaurant: Lamb, Cumin, And More Lamb
Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region is strongly influenced by flavors traditionally associated with the Hui people, one of China’s 55 ethnic minorities.
Ko Tao: Catch Your Breath on Turtle Island
Thailand’s Ko Tao, also known as Turtle Island, has the best of both tropical worlds: incredible beaches made to lounge on and deep blue waters pe
Stat: Last Year Beijing's Average Rent Per Square Meter Was RMB 71.24
Last year’s data from Diyi Caijing puts Beijing’s average rent in the not-so-desirable spotlight as China’s highest.
6 Beauty Products That Will Get You Through Beijing Summer
The sweat is real, people.
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