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Crowd Control: How to Practice Situational Awareness and Stay Safe in Beijing
By all accounts, Beijing is a safe city.
Take Charge: How to Pay for Electricity, Gas, Water, and Internet in Beijing
Paying for utilities is a pain at the best of times, but language barriers can turn what should be a simple task into a Sisyphean undertaking.
Helping Hands: How to Hire an Ayi and Other Household Help
Affordable domestic help is one of the luxuries of expat life in China.
Trying Out Lanxiniu, the "Uber of Moving Vans"
With less than two weeks to go before leaving Beijing, I'm currently in the process of posting some of my personal belongings in the mail.
The Bottom Line: The Basics of Banking, Mobile Payments, and Money Transfers in China
Just a few years ago, conventional wisdom held that China was a cash society.
How to Visit the Tax Bureau Without Losing Your Mind
I've written before about making
Beijing Bucket List: Former Residence of Song Qingling, Honorary Chairwoman of the PRC
For someone who has lived in Beijing for over five years, my knowledge of contemporary Chinese history is woefully lacking.
Beijing’s Best Urban Green Spaces to Make the Most of Spring
Rising temperatures, spring blossoms, and sun-soaked afternoons allow for plenty of time to be spent in the city’s green spaces.