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Move Over, Ofo and Mobike: Rent an Electric Car for Just 1RMB Per Hour
Beijing's sharing economy has taken a huge step forward with the recent announcement that some...
 Beijing Aims to Smash its 2013 Targets by Reducing Coal Burning by 30 Percent this Year
Beijing mayor Cai Qi has announced government plans to further reduce coal burning within the municipality by 30 percent this year.
China Ponders Smog Subsidy for Outside Workers
A recent debate on providing public works employees extra pay for working in polluted air has got us thinking: How hard can it be to supply these
DP What to Order and From Where When the AQI is High
You know the drill by now: the AQI is pushing 300 for the fifth day in a row and you're starting to just feel generally gross.
R2 Bioscarf: A New Player in Pollution Protection?
Masks – they’re a fact of life in Beijing on those high AQI days. But what if your kids, like many others, resist wearing one?
That Cup ot TCM Tea Ain't Gonna Help You Combat Smog, Says Chinese Medicine Expert
A leading expert in Chinese traditional medicine (TCM) says "anti-smog teas" are n
Beijing Pollution Hits 647, but Beijingers Bought Fewer Fireworks
Beijing's PM2.5 concetration reached a mere 647 micrograms per cubic meter at its peak during Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) celebrations, dow
Bureaucratic Redundancy Sparks Censorship Rumors of Smog Warnings
The good news: an online rumor that China is censoring air pollution warnings that made the rounds overnight has turned out to be false.
Beijing to Spend USD 2.6 Billion on Pollution Alleviation in 2017, but Sets Air Quality Goal at Twice WHO Standard
Beijing will spend RMB 18.2 billion (USD 2.6 billion) on pollution alleviation in 2017, although the municipal government has only set its PM2.5 a
Beijing-Area Factories Responsible for Air Pollution May Be Forced to Relocate
Air pollution is proving to be expensive for the same Beijing-area factories that are making it, prompting an exodus to other regions.
DP Beicology: Has Beijing's Smog Entirely Engulfed China's International Image?
Beijing's hazy horizons have not only become an obsession for those dwelling in the Chinese capital, but also for onlookers from abroad who have t
Air Purifiers Finally Coming to Beijing Classrooms
Beijing has taken a giant step forward torwards equipping public schools with air purification machines, thereby providing students a breath of fr
It's Official: You've Just Lived Through the Worst Week of Bad Beijing Air in Recent Memory
Congratulations, contemporary Beijing residents: You now have new pollution bragging rights, as you have survived the worst week of air on record
R 8 Skincare Products To Help You Through Beijing's Dry and Polluted Winter Days
With all of our worrying about the pollution's affect on our lungs, it's easy to forget about our body's biggest organ: our skin.
Red Alert for Severe Smog Can't Stop Beijing Residents from Square Dancing
A brand new year brings more of the same for Beijing as yet another red alert for severe air pollution was issued this past week.