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Beicology: Personalize Your PM2.5 Protection with Cambridge Masks' New High Tech App
Glancing at AQI readings and strapping a mask across your face willy nilly just won't cut it anymore.
Beijing Air Monitor May Have Been Compromised After Anti-Smog Truck Seen Parked Beside it
It's been a dreadful week for air in Beijing with the air quality index exceeding 900 after last ...
China's New Air Purifier Standards Set to Filter Out Low-Quality Products
This post comes courtesy of our content partners at TechNode.
R Sandstorm Warning Issued for Beijing
The Beijing Environmental Protection Monitoring Center has issued a sandstorm warni
DP Spring in the Air: Blueair Also Protects Against Pollen, From Stockholm to Beijing
Sponsored by Blueair
Spring is in the air, and nobody will be as aware of that as those suffering from severe pollen allergies during this time of year.
"Whale Rider" Author Witi Ihimaera to Give Bookworm Talk, March 24
As the first published author of New Zealand's Māori Aboriginal minority, Witi Ihimaera has taken tales that are very specific to his culture and
Blueair's Pro Series Tackles and Cleans Large Spaces Easily
Sponsored by Blueair
When Beijing gets crazily hazy, many of us scurry indoors, but that's often not nearly enough to get out of harm's way.
DP Beicology: Beijing's Last Large Coal-Fired Power Plant Suspends Operations, No One Notices
Though you wouldn't know it – based on the abysmally high AQI levels we've put up with over the past couple of days – the operation of Beijing's l
Melting Polar Ice Caps Mean That Beijing's in for Many More Airpocalypses, Experts Warn
If you think Beijing's horrendous pollution levels couldn't get any worse, then brace yourself for more bad news.
DP Research Finds B Vitamins May Protect Against Air Pollution: How to Make Sure you Hit Your RDA
After a recent spate of crystal clear blue skies we'd almost forgotten about the smog but even though the AQI is creeping back up again there may
Beijing in Brief 3/4: More Foreign Students, A Billion In Spending = 1.8% Traffic Improvement
Every time the sun sets on the Beijinger's editorial offices, we lament the fact that there's still so much we never got to that day.
Move Over, Imports: China's Top Selling Air Purifier is Made at Home by Xiaomi
As public awareness continues to increase over the dangers of air pollution, Chinese consumers have turned to home air purifiers for protection.
How Would You Improve Beijing? The City Wants Your Suggestions
As great as life in Beijing can be, there are times when the sky isn't so blue, it takes too long to get somewhere, and you may be wishing you'd r
Are “Vertical Forests” the Solution to Beijing's Pollution?
Beijing authorities’ previous attempts to control the pollution problem have focused on reducing emissions from factories and power plants.
R Smog Makes 70% of China Unhappy (The Other 30% Probably Own Coal Mines)
Seven out of 10 China residents are unhappy about smog and 71 percent claim to wear masks on smoggy days, a recent survey detailed in the...