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R Waiting to Exhale: Beijing Restaurateurs Eagerly Welcome Back Patrons After an Airpocalyptically Quiet Week
Beijing’s restaurateurs are breathing sighs of relief in every sense of the word: Last week's record-breaking smog levels not only affected the qu
Air Purifiers Finally Coming to Beijing Classrooms
Beijing has taken a giant step forward torwards equipping public schools with air purification machines, thereby providing students a breath of fr
It's Official: You've Just Lived Through the Worst Week of Bad Beijing Air in Recent Memory
Congratulations, contemporary Beijing residents: You now have new pollution bragging rights, as you have survived the worst week of air on record
Believe it or Not: Beijing's Air Was Better Overall in 2016
It may seem hard to believe given we're in the midst of an ugly stretch of some of the worst air in recent memory, but Beijing’s air in 2016 was 8
University to Students: If You Want to Use an Air Filter, Get a Doctor's Note
In the latest victory of bureaucracy over common sense, Beijing's Communication University has told students they need a doctor's note and a perso
Man the Lifeboats! Batten Down the Hatches! Red Alert Declared for Beijing's Air Dec 20
Fresh on the heels of last week's...
Superior Seal Makes idMask Effective, But Product Could Use Some Debugging
Whenever a new mask enters the market I am super eager to test it
Three Quarters Through 2016, Beijing's Air 10 Percent Better Than Last Year
With 75 percent of 2016 in the can, Beijing's air has been 10 percent better than last year, a trend that we endorse with a deep, deep breath and
Get Yourself Prepared with a Combo PM 2.5 and CO2 Monitor as the Smog Monster Returns
While we must keep in mind that the glass is still half full (2016 has been a better year for air in Beijing than 2015), the harsh reality is that
Zuckerberg Shows How Much He Loves China By Running in AQI 337 Air Without a Mask
How far would you go to curry favor with China?
Beijing Dad's Air Quality Device Kicks off Crowdfunding Campaign
We Beijing air obsessives will soon have a new gadget to play with: The AirVisual Node, a cool new hom
Could this Be the Air Quality Monitor that Changes Everything?
Built by a long-term Beijing expat dad obsessed with keeping the air in his home safe for his family, the 
New Air Filtration Device a Nice Try, But Needs Work to be a Real Game-Changer
Ever since first advocating the use of 3M masks while exercising in Beijing,
Only 15 More Years Before Beijing Has Clean Air
New government targets for PM2.5 reduction were announced yesterday, and if that pattern holds, Beijing could achieve the World Health Organizatio