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Throwback Thursday: The Joy of Celebrating CNY in a World Without WeChat
Throwback Thursday takes a look back into Beijing's past, usin
Chinese New Year Flying Lantern Lodged in Engine Delays Beijing Commercial Flight
With non-stop fireworks that will scare off even the most diehard spirit, Chinese New Year celebrations are definitely not for the faint of heart.
WeChat Introduces Gold Hongbao to Promote New Financial Product
This post comes courtesy of our content partners at TechNode.
Surge of Returning Spring Breakers Cause Travel Chaos
If you're thinking now is a convenient time to go traveling, think again.
Did Beijing Seem Empty This Past Week? That's Because 8.48 Million People Left During CNY
After considerably placated attack from firecrackers and fireworks, Beijing seems much quieter than usual – shops and restaurants remain closed, t
Beijing Pollution Hits 647, but Beijingers Bought Fewer Fireworks
Beijing's PM2.5 concetration reached a mere 647 micrograms per cubic meter at its peak during Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) celebrations, dow
Why Do We Call it Spring Festival?: The Origins Behind the Name
Has there ever been a blander name for a holiday than “Spring Festival”? What the hell does it even mean? It’s held in the middle of winter.
A Teacher's Advice to His Students for Staying Safe during Spring Festival
As a teacher at a study abroad program here in Beijing, I feel it's my duty not only to introduce the wonders of Chinese civilization to impressio
Final Call: Get Out of Beijing for Chinese New Year to These Awesome Travel Destinations
If you've got no money, click away from this blog now. We mean it, because prices to get out of Beijing are astronomical at the moment.
R2 Helping Hands During Chinese New Year: Beijing Volunteer Opportunities
Our sister website beijingkids is compiling
Beware of the Water Pig: President Trump’s Chinese Horoscope
Today is the inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States, and people from all across the world will be watching anxiou
Fast Food Watch: Chicken and Shrimp Burgers from McDonald's, Just in Time for the (Chinese) Holidays
I can see the television commercials now: the young man walking through the snow with a heavy bag over his shoulder.