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It's a Bar! It's a Cinema! It's a Restaurant! Cinker Pictures Brings Swank to the Sanlitun Filmgoing Experience
Cinker Pictures is putting a new spin on the near century-old practice of dinn
A Drink With  Echo Xie and Zhang Fan, Core Staff of DC Chinese Film Festival
Founded by Cai Yibin in 2011, the biennial DC Chinese Film Festival (DCCFF) celebrates Chinese cinema in its b
Magnifique! Director Talks Filming the Chinese Immigrant Experience in France
Plenty of documentarians strive for objectivity, but Sharon Deng opted for the opposite while shooting her new film.
Check out Dutch Documentary 'Katia's Sister' With Director Q&A, Part of China Women's Film Festival
The Crossroads Centre Beijing, in cooperation with the Netherlands and French embassies, is organizing screenings of Katia’s Sister, each
‘Mermaid’ Makes Billion-Yuan Splash in Just 4 Days
This post comes courtesy of our content partners over at China Film Insider.
Beijing Shunned but Chinese 'Star Wars' Fans Come Out In Force at Shanghai Premiere
China's anticipation for the new Star Wars sequel is about to hit hyper speed, like a Millennium Falcon swooping beyond the box
'Star Wars' Event Sees Stormtroopers on the Great Wall; Film Set for January Release in China
This Tuesday, Disney began revving up Chinese fans for Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens, ahead of the film's primary release on
China's New Superhero Revealed: Jianbing Man
Superman can fly. Iron Man has his armored suit. Heck, even the Green Hornet has a gun. Now China has ...
Do You Look like Matt Damon or Willem Dafoe? Tomorrow's Your Big Day
Has anyone ever told you that you look just like Matt Damon, Pedro Pascal, or Willem Dafoe?
Wolf Totem Misrepresents Mongolian Culture
Wolf Totem, the popular film directed by French director Jean Jacques Annaud, has been criticized by Guo Xuebo, a renowned Chinese noveli
Holiday Box Office Sales Increase, CCTV New Year Gala Viewership Decreases
Ratings for CCTV’s New Year’s Gala have hit a record low of 28.37 percent,...
PLFAG Film Sheds Light on LGBT Struggle in China During the Holidays
During Spring Festival, not-for-profit organization PFLAG's (Parents, Friends and Family of Lesbians and Ga
Chinese Film Producers Lash Out At Poor Film Adaptations
Juicy, juicy drama is unfolding in the Chinese film industry!
TV Show 'Passage to China' to Air During Spring Festival
We have found you something else to do during...
The Second China Women's Film Festival Starts in Beijing
Did you know that out of all top 250 grossing movies in 2013, w...