April 2013

The Beijinger - May 2013: Game On

Remember when you were a kid and you would have so much fun playing that hours would pass by unnoticed? This month’s Cover Feature is a celebration of those old-school games and that wholesome fun. Whether it's tabletop board games or pinball action, there are plenty of ways in Beijing to recapture that sense of childhood glee. We've highlighted the best places to try out new board games and enjoy the classic games you grew up with. We've also spent more time in arcades than a delinquent teenager and we've invented our very own game for you to download. It's called Beijing Subway: The Board Game. You'll never need to be bored again.

In the FOOD & DRINK section, we tell you where to eat wild game, shed light on Chinese drinking games and test out the only food invented for gamers: the sandwich. We've also tried some excellent beer-based desserts at Beer Mania, introduce you to a few wine games and find out what Laura Fanelli would eat for her last meal in Beijing. Plus, as always, we've reviewed the hottest new bars and restaurants in town.

In the GO section, we scope out the latest gaming gadgets and sunglasses and hunted for treasure while geocaching. To keep you busy, we offer a comprehensive guide to the city's pub quizzes as well as top tips for what you should do with tourists (and what you can do while they are doing it). As ever, we also preview the new venues and events that are worth your time and money.

And then there’s all these new friends we’d like you to MEET. We met a real street fighter in Cricket Liu, who was kind enough to lift the lid on insect pugilism. We also challenge the Beijing Board Game Club organizer to a game of Mastermind, go for a drink with the Irish Network China and find out what CCTV's Sports Scene anchor listens to.

Finally, we look at the impact of moving mountains and the race for wind power in Ecology, get the Peking Man to solve the cab crisis and tell you everything that is worth doing in May in our Events section.

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