June 2013

The Beijinger - July 2013: Splish Splash

In this month's issue we get drenched in water fun. And who better to float this ship than our new Managing Editor, underwater explorer and founder of Sinoscuba, Steven Schwankert?

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In the Cover Feature we dove into public pools, water parks and the strange, blatantly sexist traditions of the city's ancient bathhouses. Although landlocked, you’ll discover the city still has great options for fishing, sailing and scuba diving. We even traveled back in time to revisit the construction of Yuan Dynasty waterways, with a custom map and tips for boat tours included.

In the FOOD & DRINK section, our Dining Feature focuses on leafy greens and bringing salad down to the local level. We washed our taste buds in Taste Test with China's leading brands of bottled H2O and somehow lived, but only to regret it. In Last Orders, Anne Trinh of 4corners waves goodbye to China with a whirlwind feast of cheesecake, pho and dumplings in the hutongs, while Nightlife Editor Paul Ryding raises his tulip to Belgian brews in his Drinks Feature.

In the GO section, Dining Editor Cat Nelson spent a week ogling man muscle to bring you a fantastic guide on using boxing fusion for home workouts. You and your grandmother will also be excited to know that flower patterns are in this summer and so are waterproof earphones (if you find yourself underwater).

In MEET, Djang San suggests some great bathroom reading and wushu stuntman Alfred Hsing tells us about his fight for success. Downtown Abbey star Lesley Nicol had nothing but bear hugs for endangered animals in Sichuan in the ECOLOGY section. And our recently renovated EVENTS section is still chock full of the best the city has to offer.

Unfortunately all good things come to an end, but before we close the book, Peking Man continues his adventures. This month he has a bone to pick with bad drivers and the traffic jams they cause.

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