July 2016

The Beijinger – July/August 2016: Summer Fun in Beijing

Summer in Beijing is a love it or hate it kind of season. On the one hand, it is a great time to get out and enjoy the many outdoor activities that Beijing has to offer, but it is also the time of the year you realize that all of your body parts have the very real ability to sweat individually. This reality gives you two options: suck it up and make the best of it, or lay low for the next three months. For the purpose of this issue, we’ll assume that you’re going with the former.

That is why, in our cover story, we look at swimming pools, water parks, putting together your own picnic, and at punches that you can easily make at home to aid said picnics: We believe that a picnic with your own punch by the pool is probably the best way to spend a day off.

Further in this issue, we introduce you to Stomp, the Beijing Hikers help you navigate the hiking spots of the city, with a focus on cooling down in natural waters, and Kyle Mullin takes a look at various ways to explore the hutongs, whether you want to get to Beijing’s traditional core on foot, by bicycle, or e-bike.

Kipp Whittaker, as always, takes us to the hottest new watering holes in our fair city, while Tracy Wang questions some of the people that make the food and beverage industry great. Tom Arnstein, following a four-month long southwestern stint, gives us the low down on travel in Yunnan, just in case you did want to escape the city this summer.

And finally, after nearly a year and a half at True Run Media, I am honored to introduce myself as the Managing Editor from this issue onwards. I hope that you enjoy my first issue as Managing Editor

We hope that you enjoy the July/August issue of the Beijinger, which you can read here now via Issuu or grab the PDF here.