You Can Drive, But You Can’t Park Here

Over the long holiday weekend Beijing is giving to and taking from car owners out there. Everyone can get out and drive with restrictions being lifted, but watch out for stopping. Its now going to cost more to park the car.

Reported on Xinhua, (in Chinese) car restrictions have been lifted for the long weekend starting today. Cars with plates registered outside the city may be within the fifth ring road at any point in the day. The alternating plate number restriction has also been lifted for the entirety of the weekend from April 2-5.

Expect higher fees than usual when it comes to parking. Underground rates have increased by 50% and street side parking is getting a bump as well.

This comes as the city is cracking down on downtown parking. Fines will be imposed on any cars, occupied or not, that are parked at subway entrances in Chaoyang, and anyone caught offering parking discounts will be punished. The city has undertaken the lofty goal of ending all illegal parking around the CBD by the end of April.


It's about time, though really they should've raised parking rates earlier and more gradually.