Blog Defends "Made in China" Tag

Bringing new meaning to the phrase "Made in China"

Nicely Made in China (, one of our favorite Beijing-based blogs, just celebrated its one-year anniversary yesterday.

The website, which seeks out quality products and services in China, was met with much skepticism at the time of its inception. With all the recent scandals to rock the nation, from melamine-tainted milk to lethal pet food, public faith in Chinese manufacturing had been thoroughly shaken.

But despite China’s reputation, Lionel Derimais continued to witness a surge in well-made, innovative products, which he felt were not receiving the coverage they deserved.

We interviewed the French photographer last October, just as the website was getting its feet off the ground. (NMiC has since been featured in several blogs, along with China Daily and the Shanghaiist.) He announced his intentions were to restore credibility in the phrase “Made in China.”

“When I first said I’m going to do this blog, some people told me I wouldn’t find enough subjects,” he told me. “But funnily enough, my blog didn’t come to an end after one month, and it didn’t end after two, either. It’s now been going on for four months, and there are still more people to cover.”

Indeed. It’s now been a whole eight months since we’ve spoken, and the blog – already available in English, Chinese and French – is attracting more followers than ever. He covers all kinds of businesses, from jewelry makers (Nicolas Favard, Everard + Wang) to home décor stores (Shanghai Trio) to clothing designers (rechenberg couture), in order to showcase the range of quality now available here. You can read more about the progress of his blog here.


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