Voting Now Open in the 2012 Reader Bar & Club Awards!

Voting is now open in the Beijinger's Ninth Annual Reader Bar & Club Awards. We want you to tell us what you think of the city's nightlife scene.

  • What venue is your choice for a quiet pint?
  • Where do you head to when you just got paid and want to get out of your mind?
  • Who offers the best happy hour?
  • Where's the best place to meet that special someone?
  • Where's the best place to take them out on a date?

These are just some of the questions that we want your answers to. Read on to cast your vote – and to find out what great prizes you might win for sharing your thoughts.

Voting couldn't be easier. Just click away in the survey below. You have until May 9 to do so ... but well, you're here already and so's the survey. It seems like the perfect time to vote.


What? You haven't voted yet? If you need an incentive, here are a few:

You could win vouchers from:

  • Senz Wellness & Spa Therapy
  • Ganges Indian Restaurant
  • Green Bites To Go Dumpling Bar
  • Sherpa’s Home Delivery
  • Radegast Lake View Hotel

Plus beer packs from Chimay.

Get voting!


Keep doing what you guys did! Great job!!!

Life is Good!!!

Where's the link to the survey?

Oops, never mind. Apparently the survey isn't viewable on an ipad.

Or on a Mac? I can't find the link either.

The survey is embedded in this page. It requires JavaScript to be enabeled. I can view it on an iPhone and a pc, any other iPad /Mac users able to see it?

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I cannot view the survey on my iPad.

can't voting on mac ```whats the problem ????

Joy is the best barender ever. I love mesh so much.

Not sure if Revolution should be in the same category (cheap drinks) as bars like Kai bar or smugglers..considering the difference in quality (drinks especially!!!) and the effort he put into the bar,etc it's a bit of an insult really...I think the reasonable priced category would have been sufficient

ps it appears there is a bug with viewing the survey using Safari on Macs. Try Firefox or another browser and you should be able to see it.

Books by current and former Beijinger staffers

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