Are You Legal? 100 Days of Checks on Foreigners Begins Today

Coming soon to ... your front door, most likely

Xinhua last night announced that the Beijing PSB will today (May 15) embark upon a 100-day crackdown on foreigners who do not have a legitimate visa, are working illegally or are living with no registered residence.

China Daily's report (which comes with the pretty obnoxious headline "Beijing to Clamp Down on Illegal Aliens") paraphrases a PSB spokesperson as explaining that
"Police will comb communities believed to have large numbers of such aliens and mobilize the public to report them, as well as tighten reviews of visa applications."

Sounds to me like we can expect the full range of checkups, from knocks on the door, to police hanging around outside apartment buildings asking if you've got your passport, to those same police sending you back home to get it if you haven't brought it out with you. Anyone out there remember the summer of 2007 (or pretty much the entire year preceding the Olympics)? I think we're in for another of those golden periods.

Of course, if you've got a visa, are working legally and have got your housing registration form from the local PSB, you should really have nothing to worry about. However, there's every chance you could be stopped randomly in the street and asked to produce your documents, so be prepared. Check the date on your visa, make sure you've got your housing registration form (and if you haven't, get down to the PSB now and sort it out), and we'd also recommend carrying photocopies of the photo and visa pages from your passport, as well as a copy of your housing registration form. It's not cool, but it will save you trouble.

If you're working without a proper Z visa, ask your employer what they know (and more importantly, what they plan to do) about the situation. We've already heard from one English teacher whose school has told staff to submit copies of their passport and visa pages, along with their housing registration forms, because they are expecting a visit from police to check foreign teachers' documents.

Now what about that phrase, "mobilizing the public"? Seems that this means the PSB encouraging citizens to alert authorities to anyone they feel is breaking the law via a hotline. So for any of you keeping records of who in the neighborhood has no visa, no job, is working illegally or hasn't registered, do somebody else's job for them by calling 6403 8685.

This 100-day campaign is perhaps the inevitable response to the outrage, debate and confusion that followed the appearance of a Youku video last week which purported to show a British man in the process of sexually assaulting a Chinese woman, before being beaten by the witnesses to the alleged attack. According to the Global Times, "police have charged [the British man] with molesting instead of the more serious crime of rape," meaning he will be detained and most likely subsequently deported. If you missed that story, you can read a range of perspectives here, here, here and here. The video of the incident is embedded below. Needless to say, some viewers may find it distressing.

PHOTO: China Radio International


Does anyone know this guy?

Doubt wisely; in strange way / To stand inquiring right is not to stray; / To sleep, or run wrong, is. (Donne, Satire III)

Police will comb communities believed to have large numbers of such aliens and mobilize the public to report them.

Sounds like ''Schindlers List''


Don't trivialize the holocaust.

Anyways, I hope this actually clears some of the riff raff out. I have a legit residence permit, so I'm not sweating it.

Visa Check at the Beijinger on Day 3 of 100-day campaign! B-)

I guess we weren't important enough to be visited on Day 1 Sad

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Riff Raff...haha...whatever you say Harold...

Fuck the police.

Hey Laowai: Heading to the bar & club awards? Be sure to carry your proper paperwork (or copies) ... as the crackdown on illegal foreigners is targeting areas like Sanlitun.

If you don't have proper papers, do us a favor and get them in order before you come to the party!


Books by current and former Beijinger staffers

The Police can just "flip off" as far as I care. This is just a diversion from the real problems in China, and kicking out EVERY foreigner will not make the problems go away.

The police do not protect Chinese from each other or from the government abuse. A CCP member and leader at Xiamen Airlines raped an employee, and the police did NOTHING.

The Chinese criminally harm each other quite often and the police cannot be bothered. So F#&* them all. This is 100 days of steaming poo.

What a nice being smart wowwww!

They got it's not so easy to talk with foreigners in English plus it's near to impossible to ask every foreigners who is illegal in They have decided to collect them and they come by their legs to this party in Sanlitun and thebeijinger post it here and sent to all of us who has ID on this Site to hurry up we are providing party!!!!
Infact I don't care coz I'm legal here and not worry but really Chinese people and government every day more histerical and impolite act and behavior to foreigners. GOD Bless China!

This guy is motherfucker son of a bitch if I would saw hi, I would kill him on street for sure. rapist are mother fuckers I have to create new word for them ..

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