Out Now: the Beijinger February 2013 - The Joy of Six

Let’s talk about six. We’re quite excited about the new Line 6 subway. In fact, we’re predicting an increase in both six trafficking and six tourism. And don’t worry, there’s no shame in paying for six (it’s only RMB 2). We’d treat you to a whole subway car packed with six puns but that might detract from this month’s Cover Feature: “Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Six (But We’re Afraid to Ask).” OK, that was one more. This month, we’ve gone all the way with Line 6 to tell you about the gems that you shouldn’t wait to discover in our Going Underground special.

In the FOOD & DRINK section, we’ve got our New Year’s Eve in early and tried out the best (and the rest) of supermarket dumplings. The New Year theme is further explored in Grape Press, where we take advice on suitable wines, and Just Desserts, which takes on gooey rice cakes. We’ve also investigated the city’s more interesting takes on the humble jianbing, checked out what’s going on in the world of no-smoking bars and challenged our cover star Kenn to be the Cocktail Profiler. Plus, as always, our reviews of the newest bars and restaurants.

In our GO section, we’ve tried to exterminate your pest problems with our guide to pest control. There’s a handy glossary in there, to boot. We’ve an eye on the fattest of Tuesdays, Mardi Gras, and what’s going on down at Nola to mark the carnival. We’ve sorted out at least one lucky ­­– and very open-minded – reader’s St. Valentine’s celebration in our Featured Giveaways, and suggestions for some gigs that we think are worth dancing the night away at. As ever, there’s still space for all of the new venues that are worth your time and money.

And then there’s all these new friends we’d like you to MEET. Our other cover star, Chad Lager, spills the beans on his time behind Beijing’s bars before he cuts out for good. Mastermind features its most illustrious challenger yet, Thee Oh Sees find out a thing or two about Beijing’s air quality and we have a very special guest tell you how to play it safe with the festive fireworks. That’s not to mention Second Hand Rose’s Jeroen Groenewegen’s first-hand Playlist, Hilton Wangfujing GM Marc De Beer’s skeletoned closet or The Hutong’s Chef Sue letting us peek at her bookshelf.

Finally, we look at China’s snake, pork and chicken farms, play the perfect host to the Peking Man’s Guide to Chinese New Year and our Events section makes sure you start The Year of the Snake coiled around the most tip-top activities. Get the PDF here or find a copy around town.


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