Metallica Rumor Control: Beijing No, Shanghai Yes

Metallica will play at Shanghai's Mercedes-Benz Arena on August 13, an official post (see the screenshot above) approving the metal band’s set list and performance confirmed. Published on the Chinese government's Cultural Department’s website, Metallica will take the stage with a set list that may include as many as 35 songs. There will be no show in Beijing. No word yet on opening acts, although we hope for their sake it won't be Duck Fight Goose.

Rumors that Metallica would be swinging by for a China show this August have been flying about during the past couple of weeks, with a lot of buzz on Douban and Weibo. The August 13 date was flung about a lot as it fit in perfectly with the band’s Japan and South Korea dates. And last Thursday we received confirmation through word of mouth that the band’s visas were approved and ticket prices set, but still had no official confirmation on a date.

Fans of Linkin Park, Pet Shop Boys, Smashing Pumpkins, and Steve Vai can all start wishing that their rumor dreams come true too. All are touring in Asia this summer, with dates in Hong Kong, Japan, or South Korea. Linkin Park has a big fan base in China and has already played in Shanghai, in 2007; the group cancelled an October 2008 Beijing show after singer Chester Bennington sustained a back injury.

"I'm delighted of course that Metallica is coming to China. But Shanghai? They'll be waving glow sticks. Shoulda been Beijing," said Beijing's Metal Mayor Kaiser Kuo.

Start growing your hair.


Is the image above showing approval of the individual tracks on their setlist? I know this happens, but it's still crazy to see. Especially when you get the Chinese ambassador to the UK saying that China is a land overflowing with creativity and artistic openness.

No "One" No "Creeping Death" What a rip...

Hold your horses. That screenshot only shows part of the set. Here are all 35 songs, stamped sealed, and approved:


1. Hit the Lights 直击现场
2. Harvester of Sorrow 悲哀的收割机
3. Welcome Home 欢迎回家
4. Through the Never 超越不可能
5. Of Wolf and Man 狼与人
6. Sad But True痛苦的真实
7. Fade to Black 消失在黑暗
8. The Memory Remains 回忆依旧
9. For Whom the Bell Tolls 丧钟为谁而鸣
10. Blackened 黑暗
11. Nothing Else Matters 其他都不重要
12. Enter Sandman 进入睡眠
13. Metal Militia 金属民兵
14. Seek & Destroy 寻找与破坏
15. Fuel 热量
16. All Nightmare Long 漫长的梦魇
17. Turn The Page 翻过这一页
18. Motorbreath 马达轰鸣
19. The Shortest Straw 最短的稻草
20. Holier Than Thou比你忠诚
21. The Four Horsemen 四骑士
22. Leper Messiah 被排斥的弥赛亚
23. The Thing That Should Not Be 违反常理的事物
24. Broken, Beat, and Scarred 破碎,被打败,受伤
25. My Friend Of Misery 我痛苦的朋友
26. Wherever I May Roam 漂泊向何方
27. The Unforgiven 无法宽恕
28. …And Justice For All 所有人的正义
29. Hell and Back 地狱归来
30. The Struggle Within 挣扎中挣扎
31. The God That Failed 失职的上帝
32. Whiplash 鞭打
33. Breadfan 守财奴
34. Stone Cold Crazy 冰冷的疯狂
35. Disposable Heroes 可丢弃的英雄

Nick Richards, Arts & Culture Editor

Guitarist, The Beijing Dead


they're probably not playing all 35 songs but that is the list approved for now. they can pick any of them.

Smashing Pumpkins...where do ya'll come up with this stuff...i guess one can only dream...

The official Metallica website has now confirmed their Shanghai show.

It will be held on August 13, and tickets go on sale at on Friday morning.

Managing Editor, the Beijinger

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