Expat Left Traumatized After Pet Beaten to Death in Front of Him

An English national was left badly shaken on Saturday when his pet dog was beaten to death in front of him by local urban managment officials.

In a scene described as "surreal," the man was pushed aside by a chengguan official while others beat it to death with sticks.

The man, who asked to remain anonymous, was walking his dog early in the morning on Saturday (May 24) near his Sihui residential compound when he was approached by the officials who initially demanded to see his registration papers for the dog. The man, who has a firm grasp of Mandarin, explained that he had only recently acquired the dog and that he was still in the process of registering the animal after having it vaccinated. At that point, the officials told him he was "out of order," before holding him back, beating his dog four times with sticks, and scooping the dog's body into a bag.

The man, who works for a highly-respected Beijing international school, says he was traumatized by the episode and attempted to report it to local police who told him that without the registration documents, there was no recourse for him.

The sad episode serves as a stark reminder that pet owners must carry their registration documents with them at all times. The man said: "The main message here is that if you do not have the registration papers, the police are completely unwilling to assist you in any investigation. They told me that if I don't have legitimate documentation then my claims are meaningless. The strongest message for pet owners is to be on the look out and to have these documents with them at all times. If you say you're still applying for them, it's meaningless."

Photos: the Beijinger


Whelp, I have no faith in humanity after reading this.

This is absolutely outrageous!!!


I took care of this dog for months and he was a kind gentle boy. He only had one eye and I was happy en I found him a home. The people that did this are cowards that'd serve a fate worse than what hey did to the dog. I am going to do everything I can to get justice for him. I hope more people speak out about this sort of nothing. They called the owner a "foreign cunt" while his dog was beaten to death. Is this the way China treats foreigners and animals? Is there no morality or justice?

The Dude Abides.

This is extremely unfortunate and demonstrates the seriousness of the continuing crackdown on unregistered dogs that began in 2013. All dog owners, please note the grace period for registering dogs appears to be shorter each year with enforcement starting already. If you have not registered your dog, please do so without delay. An unregistered dog is classified as a "stray" dog and has no legal rights or protections. For full details on registering dogs and keeping them safe during this year's crackdown on unlicensed dogs, please see these links below: Prepare for 2014 Dog Registration Period: http://www.thebeijinger.com/blog/2014/04/14/dog-days-are-coming-prepare-2014-registration-period Registering Dogs in Beijing: Step-by-Step Guide for Dog Owners: http://www.icvsasia.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=70%3Aregistering-dogs-in-beijing&catid=45%3Aregistering-dogs-in-china&Itemid=73&lang=en The Official Beijing Municipal Government List of Banned Dog Breeds: http://www.icvsasia.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=293%3Aa-list-of-the-dogs-banned-in-beijing&catid=45%3Aregistering-dogs-in-china&Itemid=73&lang=en If you are unsure about how to register your dog or have a large dog and have concerns about its safety, please email ICVS at: ICVS_CHINA@yahoo.com. We are happy to help provide advice and counseling to all dog owners to keep your pets protected and safe. Please let us know if any questions. Best regards, Mary Peng International Center for Veterinary Services Tel: (010) 8456-1939/1940 Email: ICVS_CHINA@yahoo.com www.ICVSASIA.com

International Center for Veterinary Services

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wtf, this is so wrong...

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The Dude wrote:

They called the owner a "foreign cunt" while his dog was beaten to death

Sounds unlikely.

zhenlai wrote:

Slut, hopefully some country will come and control China and rape you repeatedly so hopefully you will die.

It sounds unlikey to you does it? Thanks for your two cents. It happened and the dog was beaten to death. This isn't hyperbole or an embelishment. You sound like an ass hat.

The Dude Abides.

what is wrong with you, dude? he just said :"sounds unlikely", and you had to insult him because he's of a different opinion?

anyone who disagrees with you sounds like an ass hat?

just hate people like you being tyrannical assholes in the name of morality, trying to get your own selfish needs satisfied in the name of democracy.

and tell you what, why not quit teaching your native language in a 3rd world country unlicenced and go back home to be a cleanman, bus driver, or live on a house on wheel, open up a methlab and knock up some broad?

Cruelty toward animal is one thing, but calling others names who are in disagreement with you makes you just as ignorant as others. I am just as appalled by what these chengguang did to that dog**, but when I was bullied by a Chinese roommate (not a friend), the chengguang in my area came to my rescue rather quickly. SO really, different area have different types of chengguan. I have experienced both. I have been "arrested" on several occasions but released with some "advice" later when I presented my side of my story. There are always very very rude policemen at some police stations. As a foreigner, I tended to get better treated than the local Chinese. When it's time for the Central Government to do something about these policemen, I am sure the video recordings at these statiosn will be proof enough to get these folks dismissed because they disgrace China and the Chinese people !!!

If you don't like it here in Beijing, either leave or help to make it better. Many foreigners here tends to be critical of BJ this or that, or China this or that. Doing something constructive or positive - you can make a difference !!!!!

I like it here and I dislike it sometimes. But I choose to stay and make a difference and just sigh about those I dislike, or change it. For example, I hated it when someone in the someone says 'Are you getting off?" Which means if you are not, move aside and let them off. I usually ignore those who said this to me. Sometimes they will pat my shoulder to get my attention. If I am in a bad mood, I will answer "What business is it if I am getting off or not? Why can't you just go around me?" Sometimes, we would get into an argument.

I discovered that to make a difference, when I want to get off at crowded carriages within the subway, I would say very loudly "Would you let me pass, please? Qing jie guo yi xia hao ma?" Wow, people will really try to make way for me to get out! Really, really really. And that's becasue so many people here are so darn rude that it is refreshing for most people to be spoken to courteously. Nowadays, I am begining to hear more and more people say "Please let me through..." I like to think I helped make a difference.

PS. I meant inside the subway train...

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